3 Biggest Enterprise Software Development Trends

A custom business software prototype

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the entire business landscape.

Not only did it revolutionize business practices and strategic planning, but it also altered customer expectations and preferences. Reports show that over 60% of companies worldwide adopted technological changes during this time.

While the pandemic proved extremely horrendous for the global human community, it opened a huge door of glistening opportunities. Businesses have become more aware of tech solutions like AI, big data, machine learning, IoT, IoB, and software engineering.

In the meanwhile, reliable and futuristic software development firms like Vates stepped forward to ensure that businesses have access to high-quality enterprise technologies. Vates is one of the most credible, high-performing, and professional IT services providers. We’re known for our robust IT consultancy, support and management, Big Data, and IoT services, among others. Our lead is also well-versed in ExO Launchpad processes and can help you take your business to the next level!

Let’s dig deeper and uncover the biggest enterprise software trends for 2022 and beyond!

1. Low Code Platforms

Coding is an integral part of software development and design. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have introduced low-code platforms that are quicker and easier to use. Low coding sources have reshaped enterprise software design practices.

Some of the most famous low code sources include Amazon Honeycode and Parabola. These programs have easy drop-and-drag features for speeding up the development process.

An agile software developer using design tools

2. 5G Services

Do you know that the global 5G market amounts to $5.53 billion? This figure is expected to grow to $667 billion by 2026! Given the dramatic prediction, it’s a no-brainer that 5G tech will revolutionize networking in the coming years. Small to medium-sized firms are actively investing in IoT solutions and IT consulting services to get ahead of stiff industry competition. And if you still haven’t implemented a proper software system and cloud system in your organization, it’s time to contact us!

5G also improves bandwidth, internet connection quality, app user-friendliness, and IoT-enabling technologies.

3. Immersive Technologies

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and mobile augmented reality have helped in creating real-life immersive experiences enabling us to enjoy life moments with a tech eye.

A few examples include virtual tours, 3D-rendered construction designs, online shopping, and stimulated training programs. These interactive experiences have improved agile enterprise development techniques and technology radars.

Our custom software developers ensure that all the phases of software development lifecycles are met and vetted, leaving no room for errors. You can trust us with SLDC verifications, data migration, system integration, and performance measurement every step of the way!

Augment Your Business’s Reputation and Success with Vates

At Vates, we believe in offering the most advanced IT services. Our IT support, maintenance, consulting, strategy planning, and digital transformation teams can help you take your business to the next level. You can rest assured that your company’s IT department will thrive and grow by the day with the help of our expert IT consultants and software developer.

We can revise and integrate all aspects of your business’s IT structure, diversify internal operations, and improve system functionality.

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