3 Ways to Upgrade Your Network’s Cybersecurity

Wires representing devices connected to a network

One of the most vulnerable aspects of any company is its network. Companies use networks for remote access and communication, which means it’s easier for an unauthorized user to breach a network, access devices through it, and steal valuable company information. Therefore, companies must invest in network security to secure devices, operating systems, information, and more.

Vates is a system integration company that integrates software and systems in different companies. Their testing services ensure that your networks and systems are updated and don’t have any vulnerabilities that would allow cybercriminals to breach your network.

Here are some ways to upgrade your company’s network cybersecurity.

Learn About All Devices and Users on the Network

The biggest responsibility of a network security team is to identify all devices and users on a network. Companies can’t defend their networks without knowing what’s on it, as it helps them identify suspicious activities. If a new user account joins your network, or if a current user account starts accessing files they don’t need, it could be a sign of your network being compromised by a cyberattack. Companies should also keep log activity records to determine how and when a breach happened.

Update Your Networks Regularly

Older versions of different operating systems have vulnerabilities that allow cybercriminals to enter a network. These cybercriminals are looking for unpatched software and outdated operating systems for an easy way to get inside your network. Therefore, companies should update their networks regularly, removing any vulnerabilities. In addition, companies can apply patches to different software, making their cybersecurity game strong!

Vates is a nearshore system integration company that analyzes existing systems and networks in different companies and updates them using the latest tools and methodologies. Through Vates, companies can update their networks and overcome any vulnerabilities that might trigger a cyberattack.

Use Strong Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication

Do you know that the most common way for cybercriminals to enter your network is by simply guessing the passwords? Therefore, many cybersecurity experts emphasize the importance of selecting strong and unique passwords for operating systems and networks. If your company uses cloud services, it’s even easier for cybercriminals to guess the password and breach your networks. Using strong passwords is the first line of defense against cyberattacks. In addition, you should change the default set passwords on any device on the network immediately.

Software integration companies like Vates also recommend using multi-factor authentication as an extra cybersecurity barrier. In case a cybercriminal guesses your password and username, multi-factor authentication would prevent them from accessing any account on the network. Moreover, the continuous attempts of a cybercriminal to guess the password will alert a company, prompting them to secure their networks further.

A cybercriminal breaching a network through its devices

Hire a System Integration Company Today

With repeated quality assurance and updates, your network will be secure to an extent. At Vates, we offer software quality control and testing services that conduct security tests on your software, systems, and networks to detect any vulnerabilities. Moreover, our maintenance and IoT consulting services guide companies to take steps to prevent cybercriminals from breaching their networks.

Reach out to us and upgrade the cybersecurity of your company’s network.


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