6 Ways You Can Leverage IT and Technology to Expand Your Business

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Ask any business owner, and they only have one thing on their mind: how to grow their business with cost-effective and successful strategies. With a myriad of ways to establish a robust reputation in the competitive business world, finding something innovative and works can set you apart from your competitors.

Recently, technological advancements have transformed the way businesses operate. From small-scale businesses to established corporations, everyone relies on implementing technology in their daily operations to improve their workflow and productivity.

Leveraging the latest technologies in your organization can enable you to grow your customer base, generate higher revenue, and enhance operational efficacy without breaking the bank.

Vates is a leading software development and IoT solution company that provides high-tech solutions to help you better understand your customer’s needs and efficiently analyze business data to streamline your business. Our IT specialists have thirty years of experience providing sturdy and reliable software solutions with high-quality dedicated support. We believe in agility and take incremental approaches to optimize predictability and develop custom software products from scratch to help you achieve sustainable success.

Ready to learn more about leveraging technology to expand your business? Read on:

Improving Customer Outreach with Social Media Platforms

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It goes without saying that businesses need to improve their customer engagement and outreach to thrive. According to statistics, in 2022, there are 4.65 billion social media users worldwide. This gives you endless possibilities to engage with individuals worldwide and grow your business organically.

First and foremost, you need to develop a killer marketing strategy following the latest trends and seasonal events to promote your products or services. Find your brand’s tone and craft a message that evokes powerful emotions in your target audience. You can create videos, images, written content, and quotes to connect with your customer base and use social media networks to cement your brand with high-quality content.

The key is to tweak your content for greater engagement and audience participation. This enables your brand to stay relevant in the algorithm.

Social media marketing is a very powerful tool to grow your business in a short amount of time.

Using Big Data Analytics for Maximum Optimization

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Since we live in a data-driven world, finding a way to analyze real-time data and information to optimize services helps organizations grow and succeed.

Big data analytics are currently very popular across various industries like real estate firms, medical research, oil and gas companies, etc. Organizations use data to analyze business performance and formulate strategies that ensure the financial health of their organization. With big data analytics, business owners have access to real-time information, enabling them to make prompt decisions that improve their profitability. This data analysis also helps businesses enhance their products and services and create a credible brand image with personalized marketing campaigns.

Making business decisions based on big data analytics will transform your entire operation and make your IT infrastructure more effective and competitive. If you’re on the lookout for reliable big data consulting firms, Vates is here to help.

Vates is a trusted big data consulting and solutions service provider, and our IT professionals can help you navigate the complex processes of big data management. Our IT specialists have extensive experience in big data management and can provide you with tailored solutions to streamline your business operations. We are committed to helping your organization grow sustainably with the most cutting-edge technologies.

Enhancing Communication

Technology enhances and simplifies communication. Business owners can now use technology to communicate with their employees and customers effectively.

You can create personalized emails to market your services using tailored parameters like location and interests. There are hundreds of online platforms where you can cultivate community engagement and growth. Many organizations are now using communication technology to streamline their internal processes and automate daily tasks, which helps them eschew human error, delays, and inefficiency.

Utilizing Software That Impacts Profitability

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Software development is gaining traction in several industries because it offers multiple benefits, including high profitability and productivity. With the right software system, your organization will have reduced work stress, automated tasks, a more streamlined workflow, and professional customer service.

Productivity software helps reduce costs, minimize paper-based processes, and replace laborious work. Similarly, software for accounting, time tracking, project management, communication, website building, etc., will grant your business a competitive edge and help you manage it more efficiently.

Instead of investing in costly commercial software, our IT specialists at Vates recommend getting custom software solutions.

Custom software systems are an effective way to extend existing tools’ functionality, protect sensitive information from cyber-attacks and hackers, get robust technical support and maintenance without any security loopholes, and scale your business without being restricted by inadequate software. Custom software has personalized features best suited to your operation’s specific needs and requirements.

At Vates, we provide some of the most reliable software development services that will help you promote the uniqueness of your brand. Reach out to our nearshore software development firm today, and we will help you engineer a software system that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Migrating to The Cloud

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According to a report, 90% of companies have shifted to the cloud to store and compute data. Cloud functionality is a large part of mainstream IT, and thousands of businesses are now considering migrating to the cloud for workload delivery.

This major shift is mainly happening because they can derive valuable insight from big data with the cloud. Many traditional storage systems cannot manage the large amounts of structured and unstructured data generated every single day. The cloud offers advanced analytical solutions that enable businesses to process information at a much faster pace and gain important insights to make data-based decisions.

Cloud computing is also extremely flexible. You can use any internet-enabled device to share and access information anytime you want. This technology also doesn’t restrict businesses geographically but improves collaboration among teams from different countries. The cloud is also the best way to protect your data whenever there is a threat of physical damage or ransomware. Cloud backups help recover data quickly so routine business tasks can continue as normal without suffering heavy losses.

Mobile Apps Can Transform Your Business

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A desktop website can be helpful for your business, but developing a mobile app can have a significant transformative effect that will help you reach a diverse range of audiences.

On average, 97% of people own a smartphone and use mobile apps. Creating an app that offers unique features will help you expand your business and make your products more accessible to your customers.

With an app, purchasing a product becomes simpler and more convenient. Your customers can browse through your list of services and instantly transfer funds back and forth.

A survey also reveals that more than 57% of consumers in the US learn about products and services through a mobile app. Imagine how many sales you can make by creating a one-of-a-kind and accessible mobile app!

With the advancements in technology challenging organizations every day, you have the chance to come up with an authentic and innovative technological solution to expand your business. A mobile app can change the game for you.

Get Reliable Technological Solutions with Vates!

Organizations across the globe are currently trying to improve their operations by actively using the latest leading-edge technologies. Investing in reliable IT and software solutions help businesses improve customer interactions and gauge customer needs through robust analytical tools. Finding a way to renew your IT infrastructure and leverage the power of the latest technologies is crucial to growing your business in this complex economic environment.

This is why software testers and developers at Vates offer some of the most comprehensive IT and software solutions to help your business achieve operational success.

We are an experienced IoT solution and consulting company committed to going the extra mile for our clients to help them engineer high-quality software products to streamline their business operations.

Our software development company comprises a certified team of IT professionals who offer premium-quality software development services, IT augmentation services, big data consultation, software integration, software testing, custom software development services, and more.

With our experience of over thirty years in the IT world and in-depth knowledge of AI and machine learning, we can provide you with well-rounded data solutions so you can make an informed decision. Our technicians will analyze your existing IT infrastructure and offer quality tailored solutions that improve processes and enhance workflow productivity.

We are committed to leveraging emerging technological solutions to help you stand out among your competitors.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our international software development company.




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