7 Myths About Outsourced Software Development That You Should Ignore

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Many companies choose to outsource several services to other countries, regions, and more in the global village. This provides a more diverse and specified quality in the end products. One of the most commonly outsourced services is software development.

Many companies outsource their development needs to a third-party client instead of performing the services in-house. This gives them the chance to focus on other important aspects of the business, including finance, planning, executing, sales, marketing, and more. When companies reach out to outsourcing companies, they opt for professional, qualified, and concentrated research to create the perfect software for their business niche.

Several people around the world still shy away from outsourcing due to various myths circulating in the industry. Before we start discussing these myths, let’s first understand what software outsourcing is.

Defining Software Outsourcing

When you outsource software development services to a third party, you are entrusting them the responsibility to develop a website or application according to the needs of your business, industry, or customers. Most people choose software outsourcing because it is cost-effective, saves time, and provides quality results that might not be possible otherwise.

Companies outsource software development to focus on other important issues such as finance, legal, marketing, and more.

How to Know if the Team is Right?

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The key to a successful software outsourcing experience lies in the team’s efficiency you choose to work with. If you’re wondering how you will tell this beforehand, then we have just the perfect information for you! Here are a few indicators that help decipher if the team you have chosen to work with is the perfect one:

  • Make your demands seem possible.
  • Draft clear policies and conditions for the contract.
  • Meet deadlines with exceptional work quality.

Identifying Alarming Signs About the Team

Not everyone gets lucky with outsourcing companies, but how will you know early on if the team you are working with is good for you or not? Here are a few alarming signs that you should look out for when employing software development services:

  • They provide fake, fluffed-up numbers to impress you.
  • They keep pushing back deadlines and making mistakes.
  • There are various inconsistencies in their work.
  • They don’t have a clear or well-defined experience and portfolio.

Myths About Outsourced Software Development

Let’s look at some common myths about software development outsourcing that you should not believe.

Myth # 1: Outsourcing is Expensive

One of the greatest myths is that outsourcing software development is more expensive than hiring dedicated software individuals in-house. While it might seem costly at first, being able to dedicate your attention to more important business matters while professionals handle software development is a huge relief.

When you see how little re-dos and complications arrive with outsourced deliveries, you’ll understand why it’s cost-effective.

Myth # 2: Outsourcing is Unsafe

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We understand that you need to provide outsourcing companies with sensitive information, but it’s not entirely unsafe. First and foremost, most outsourcing teams sign non-disclosure agreements that bind them to keep the privacy of insider information. Secondly, you can control how much information access you provide to the third-party teams. 

Myth # 3: Outsourcing Delivers Low-Quality Services

With very little control over the project and fewer chances to overlook the project’s development, people tend to believe that the quality of the services will be compromised. However, the truth is most custom development companies have dedicated outsourcing teams that work on your project and are available for changes and alterations around the quality.

Outsourcing development brings more quality into the final product.

Myth # 4: Losing Control Over Projects

Many business owners are reluctant to give software development to outsourcing entities because they fear losing control over their projects. That solely depends on the teams you choose to work with; if you work with a professional company, they will always keep you in the loop, provide on-the-go updates, and ask for your feedback. So, you will have a greater say in your project than anybody else at the end of the day.

Myth # 5: Time Zones Cause Complications

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When outsourcing to different countries or regions around the world, people are skeptical that the time zone affects the progress rate of the project. Despite this myth being a popular one, most of the outsourcing companies across the globe work through flexible shifts and are available during their client’s native time zones. This makes them more approachable and easy to work with.

Myth # 6: Outsourcing has Different Cultures & Language Barriers

Business owners fear that outsourced professional software development will be affected due to cultural and language barriers. The standard practice around the world when dealing with international clients is to make sure the company representatives speak the native languages of the clients to reduce the chances of any miscommunication.

Myth # 7: Outsourcing is Only for Big Businesses

People assume that outsourcing software development services are only for large or medium businesses, and smaller ones would be unable to afford them. However, outsourcing certain services in the development stages of the business gives start-ups the edge they need over big conglomerates. They get expert opinions and quality services for their product. Outsourcing also gives them the time to focus on other important business areas.

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