7 Ways Custom Software Development Can Help You Grow Your Revenue

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It’s no secret that streamlining your business operations through different software can positively impact your business. These applications allow businesses to automate many manual tasks, manage their data, access resources, and make overall work processes more efficient.

However, can every business benefit from the same software? No, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula in the business world, so businesses should invest in custom software development. As the name suggests, custom software development creates personalized software based on a company’s requirements.

Vates offers custom software development services for different companies. Their experienced IT professionals analyze a company’s needs, services, and weak spots to develop a software solution that can enhance its operations. Moreover, Vates uses big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms while creating custom software for companies. These custom applications allow businesses to grow significantly and focus on improving their products and increasing revenue.

Are you reluctant about getting custom software developed for your business? Here are some ways custom software development can improve your company’s operation and boost revenue.

Solves Specific Problems

Does your company have trouble managing its inbound and outbound sales? Get a custom software developed to handle it! Many companies use generalized software to manage daily tasks like sales, finance, recruitment, and more, but this software hardly solves specific problems. One of the best things about using custom software is that you can get it molded to solve your company’s issues.

For instance, if you’re struggling with managing different types of sales in your company, you can get custom software to handle it instead of using a generalized application that handles only one type of sales. Custom software isn’t simply a collection of essential features; it tackles all your business’s problems. Practical solutions to all your business problems will help you focus on growing your business revenue. Moreover, a custom application can solve issues that prevent you from growing your revenue. With your revenue-related problems solved, your company’s revenue will grow significantly.

Simplifies Business Model

Every business has a business model that is its plan for making a profit at the end of every year. This model identifies the products or services a business will offer, their target market, and the money they’ll spend on making the products, marketing them, and supplying them to their customers. A common misconception is that business models are only crucial for established businesses, but that’s far from true. Both small-scale and established businesses need to determine what they’ll sell and how they’ll sell it.

However, a business model can sometimes be highly complicated, especially if the company’s unclear on the products and services they would like to offer. Custom software will help the business with these problems by simplifying the business model. Businesses can get a custom application that researches market trends and other factors to determine which product offers a solution and will get them more market share. Moreover, custom software can make the whole product manufacturing, marketing, and supplying process more efficient.

Businesses can access data from the market, which pushes them to make changes in their products and services, catering to their customers’ needs. A simple business model that tells companies everything they need to know is the first step on their journey to increase revenue. Vates offers custom software development services that simplify business operations and models for companies. Through Vates, businesses can get custom software that helps them find all information they need to enhance their products and operations.


The code of a custom software

Offer a Competitive Advantage

One of the most significant benefits of custom software development is that businesses can get unique application features. This gives businesses a competitive advantage over other companies that offer the same products and services. Businesses can get custom software to sell their products and services and add functions that no other business uses. An example is Uber introducing a feature that allows users to split fares with other people sharing a cab, which isn’t common in other cab-sharing applications.

In the same way, you can get custom software developed for your business through Vates, which focuses on improving customer experience by adding engaging features. Experts at Vates give businesses suggestions about features that can improve existing applications. A business with unique features on its applications and websites is more likely to get more customers and increase business revenue.

Allows Businesses to Integrate Their Systems

It’s no secret that a business has to handle dozens of tasks. Employees are responsible for handling sales, marketing, finance, human resources, recruitment, training, and multiple other tasks. Alongside these daily tasks, employees at growing businesses also have to think of innovative product ideas. Therefore, companies use dozens of different applications to handle these different tasks. This makes these tasks highly complicated, and it’s challenging to evaluate all of these applications.

On the other hand, getting custom software that integrates all your applications in a single system can simplify these tasks. Instead of having different applications for every task, businesses can get one application and use it to manage different task. You can get a complete management system that tracks everything in one place. Your company’s employees can access all information and do all the tasks using one application, which enhances your operations and products—and we all know it’s a small road from an efficient workplace to a company with revenue growth.

A companys employees working on a customized integrated application

Decreases Feedback Time

Making timely decisions is one of the most significant factors every business needs to boost revenue growth. However, gathering data from every department, tracking every change, and evaluating its impact can take hours, if not days. Therefore, without available information, you can’t make timely decisions to improve your services and products. However, custom software development can change that. Customized software can have a dashboard or tracking features that allow you to view all the information on a single screen.

This application can even track changes you make to your products and operations and shows their impact on your revenue. Once you get timely feedback on the changes you make, you can use it to decide if the change is worth it or should your company think of a new method to boost revenue. Decreasing feedback time is possible with custom applications that track changes and give timely feedback. A custom software development service like Vates can help create dashboards with metrics of different changes for your business. These metrics will tell you all the stats and figures you need to make timely decisions and boost revenue growth.

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Better Reliability and Cybersecurity

Do you know that customers have a hard time purchasing products and trying services from companies that have experienced cyberattacks in the past? If cybercriminals enter your database, get customer data and leak it online, your company won’t be able to recover from this reputational damage for a long time. Your revenue can take a hit, and you’ll have to wait months to see significant revenue growth. Therefore, businesses need to get custom software with enhanced cybersecurity.

These customized applications can protect customer data and even allow customers to make online purchases through their PayPal accounts and credit cards. More customers will use your products and services if you build a reliable, secure website or application with the help of a custom software development company like Vates. Having more customers and a reputation as a reliable business that protects customer data can help your business experience revenue growth.

More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

You might think purchasing an already-made application might be more affordable, but that’s not true. In the start, getting a customized application might require a company to spend more money, but since the product is custom-made, it might not have monthly subscription charges. Moreover, since you’re investing in your business and revenue growth, this custom software will help you be more cost-efficient by tracking your finances and letting you know where you should cut costs.

One of the most significant disadvantages of using ready-made software is that sometimes you need expensive hardware and operating systems to run it. On the other hand, you can discuss your hardware limitations with a custom software development service like Vates and ask them to make a custom application that doesn’t require your company to purchase expensive GPUs and hard drives. Moreover, you can ask to make your custom application platform independent, so you don’t have to purchase extra hardware and ensure that everyone in your company can use these applications.

Once you’re saving costs spent on costly hardware and applications with useless features, you can invest that money in improving your products and operations, which, in return, will boost revenue.

Company metrics and statistics on custom software

Hire Vates for Custom Software Development Services

With custom software, your company can improve its products and operations and experience revenue growth. At Vates, we offer custom software development services for different businesses. Our agile software development services analyze your company’s requirements and underlying problems to determine which software solution will be ideal for your business.

Moreover, our IoT consulting services incorporate IoT features in custom applications to make them more efficient. We also offer big data consulting services, integrating custom software with big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality algorithms, allowing your company to analyze data and make timely decisions. Our IT support team is available to help your employees understand our custom applications and benefit from them.

Reach out to us and grow your company’s revenue with our nearshore software development services.



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