All the Types of Software Testing Services You Must Know About

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No matter how qualified and advanced your software development team is, they might not always be able to prevent major internal and external threats. Some of the main issues your software could have include control access problems, viruses, and bugs.

Thanks to advanced software testing and custom software development services, you can avail software scans to ensure your system is not vulnerable to risky incidents. Software systems are a digital asset for any business. It not only allows business managers to make critical decisions using data analytics but also reduces workplace monotony for employees.

Having a software system in your organization will also reduce its overall operational costs and enable your workers to perform tasks more accurately and diligently.

Vates is a custom software development company based in Argentina, Atlanta, and Chile. We offer a holistic range of nearshore development and agile software development services. What’s more, our software experts are well-versed in software and app testing techniques. At Vates, we have helped several businesses fill gaps in their strategies with cutting-edge custom software development and IT consultancy services.

And today, we’re here with a complete guide to various software testing methods. So let’s get to it right away!

The Three Main Types of Software Testing and Their Functions

Software testing is not a one-size-fits-all technique. It’s divided into various types and categories to target a particular system component. Bugs and viruses range from one function to another. For example, a phishing attack is more likely to destroy your system’s confidentiality. Whereas a denied access acceptance can lead to data theft and loss.

Therefore, choosing and implementing the right type of software testing service is imperative for maximum accuracy. The three main types of software testing services are discussed below:

1. Functional Testing

Functional testing aims to analyze and assess the singular functions or the operational aspects. It consists of unit, integration, User Acceptance, localization, and interoperability testing services. All of these are targeted to identify whether or not a system requires an immediate upgrade.

Vates brings a wide range of IT solutions for startups and new organizations. Our big data, agile software development, and nearshore development services providers await your call!

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2. Non-Functional Testing

If all the operational aspects of an organizational software system are up to the mark, it’s time to conduct a non-functional test. It encompasses the KPIs that determine a system’s performance and adaptability.

Some of the key non-functional testing techniques include load, volume, usability, endurance, and scalability assessments.

3. Software Maintenance Testing

Software systems are prone to downsizing and threats. That’s why regular updates and maintenance are crucial for maximized efficiency. This is where software maintenance testing steps in. The two main maintenance methodologies include regression and general maintenance.

Why Is Software Testing Important?

Now that you’ve brushed up your knowledge about all the main types of software testing methods, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Understanding the need for software testing is the first step to outsourcing a credible software and app testing service. You need to be clear about why your business’s software system requires upgrades and continuous improvement.

One of the easiest ways to get done with the job is to hire the software programming and development team at Vates

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With our long-standing experience and professionalism, we will test, analyze, and assess your system. Our end-to-end analysis allows us to identify potential and existing problems in a software tool. Ultimately, we’re able to implement the most relevant and effective testing pattern to mitigate risks and vulnerabilities.

Software testing is nothing but a well-balanced amalgamation of different questions that we ask a system. This evaluation proceeds with preset SOPs to detect bugs carefully and kill them. The 2015 Starbucks software shutdown is a classic example that can help you gauge the importance of software testing.

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The company hadn’t refreshed its system timely and had to pay millions of dollars when its POS software shut down abruptly. Similarly, the automotive giant Nissan faced a software bug in 2016 that cost them millions of dollars, and the company had to call back several vehicles.

You may now have a clear understanding of the why and how of software testing. However, here are some key advantages of availing IoT, software development, and advanced big data analytics services listed by our software developers:

  • Early and effective threat detection
  • Leave no room for hackers or cybercriminals to breach your organization’s private data
  • Improve KPIs and quality control for your company’s deliverables
  • Assimilate, analyze, and leverage customer and client data to improve product quality
  • Improve system scalability
  • Reduce the risk of cross-site scripted attacks
  • Increase cost-efficiency

Talk to Vates’ team to learn more about our nearshore software services and Atlassian business development offerings. Our top-of-the-line IT consultancy and strategic planning team can curate an attainable and pragmatic tech project timeline for your business. We start by assessing your current business model and work our way forward to meeting the desired objectives.

How Can Vates Help You Complete Your IT Project Successfully?

Vates is a credible name in the list of the most credible, high-performing, and professional IT services providers. We’re known for our robust IT consultancy, support and management, Big Data, and IoT services. Our lead is also well-versed in ExO Launchpad processes and can help you take your business to the next level!

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