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Vates Provides Clients with The Ultimate Testing Services to Ensure a Bug-Free and Smooth User Experience

Vates provides you with the expertise of the industry’s best engineers, designers, UX architects, and developers to ensure your application runs smoothly. We can help you improve your mobile and web apps and software with our innovative solutions and high-quality assurance standards.

Quality Application Testing Services by Vates

Vates provides application testing services that test every element of the software you are using: performance, functioning, integrations, security, and usability. We ensure every aspect is fully-compliant with the requirements you need and free from defects.


We provide several testing services to ensure greater efficiency in our methodologies, tools, and technologies according to the needs of your business. With 25 years of experience in application testing, Vates ensures the highest possible quality for everything from entire software ecosystems to applications critical to running your business. This contributes to the overall efficiency and business continuity.

Why Do You Need Professional Application Testing Services?

From social media apps that we often scroll through to service apps that are integral to our daily lives, we are all dependent on software for daily activities. However, if you want your application to become popular among users, you must ensure it is bug-free, quick, and user-friendly.

Your business will need to deliver applications that pass through our rigorous quality assurance and software testing standards to achieve great results. Vates can help you ensure that users worldwide experience optimum quality and derive high value from the end product. This is why we offer such thorough solutions for:

Automated Testing

Vates’ Automated Testing services offer you the chance to catch any defects in your products before you release them. Even with the manual testing process and efforts of skilled developers, some defects can arise. We can help you test and fix them before your application becomes available to the masses. Our expert testing services are based on the highest standards of quality assurance and development trends such as Behavior Driven Testing, Continuous Integration, and Test-Driven Development.

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Functional Testing

Functional Testing is a set process that validates different functions of an application. We test out every app feature to ensure that it works efficiently. We ensure that you meet the requirements of your software and that your customers and staff members do not face any issues when they use the app. It is a core element of quality testing.


Vates carries out design and analysis through every part of the software development process. This ensures that all software elements are free from defects and are efficient, so your business needs are met. We offer exploratory and manual testing services complemented by automated testing. This passes your software through a wide range of testing criteria, including Regression Testing, Component Testing, Unit Testing, Systems Integration Testing, and Systems Integration.

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Performance Testing

Performance Testing is an important aspect of the mobile app and software testing pipeline. You will need to make sure that you can predict and track the changes in performance for different connection qualities, increase in traffic load, the location of the user, and more. Mobile apps also need to be tested to see if they fit well in different screen dimensions.


Some issues in the application can arise during production related to availability and scalability, such as data transfer volumes, a number of hits every second, or simultaneous users. Such setbacks need to be detected during the early stages so that you can avoid unnecessary costs and optimize your time. Vates can help ensure that your mobile apps and software adhere to high-performance standards.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing is one of the last stages of the development process before going live with your product. The app is tested out by real users who will determine whether it fits the requirements in the real world. This validates the changes you have made.


Vates ensures that your app passes through every User Acceptance Test to ensure that the desired implementation is completed. Our Application Homologation Services make the entire implementation and software development process more agile. We guarantee that each process functions correctly.


Usability and Compatibility Testing

Usability and Compatibility testing services need to be completed before the product goes live. The application needs to have an optimum user experience built into the design and provide an easy-to-use interface to avoid issues.


Before going live with your product, you need to improve the user experience to optimum levels. When combined with the best UX practices, testing the flow of your product can ensure it meets the needs of the user and your business requirements.


Vates has professional usability experts that can help you get the most from the UX testing process.

Social Networks and Mobile Testing

Mobile devices and social networks are crucial for any business since they contribute to growth. With more and more users turning to mobile devices, it is essential to ensure that all social applications are compatible with different devices. The response time for all apps needs to be efficient to meet the faster pace that social networks require.


Why Opt For Vates Testing Services?

We Offer Flexible Methodologies, Competitive Pricing, and Relentless Expertise

Our Testing as a Service (TaaS) model provides flexible application and software testing solutions. We have built an expert team that can test out every product’s function at every level, maintaining overall quality and function. Vates’ R&D department works continuously to develop better tools, technologies, and methodologies to provide you with increased efficiency and effectiveness too.


Here are some reasons to hire Vates for your testing services:

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