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Big Data Analysis Provide Powerful Insights for Businesses

We can help you understand your customer needs by analyzing business data to help you grow and succeed.

Big Data Consulting Services Lead to Bigger Rewards

Vates Big Data Consulting and Solutions team are managed by senior engineers who have great experience and deep insights that will help you harness the true power of the data that you are continually storing and gathering. We have invested in our Research and Development teams to ensure that we can provide you with the expertise and tools you need to navigate the fast-paced world of data mining, Big Data, AI, and machine learning fields with ease and efficiency.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies and have the necessary experience and continual investment to build highly valuable data science solutions that will help you uncover hidden opportunities and take rapid decisions for growth.

Big Data Consulting Services for Successful Projects

Our experts, Big Data consultancy teams, take advantage of different backgrounds, experiences, and technologies to deliver efficient and well-rounded data storage, streaming, structuring, and interpreting systems. Our solutions will help you create better services and products, improve the existing offerings, and make superior and faster decisions. Vates will also help you lower manufacturing and operational costs.


We provide big data project management, data consulting, and end-to-end services that utilize advanced Scrum techniques and staff augmentation. Our services include:

Structuring and Collecting Existing Data Stores

Vates uses Big Data frameworks to assemble the data sets using curated traditional data, IoT sensors, and text analysis. Our omnichannel input from emails, social media, search history, and blog content provides a thorough insight into your business.

Creating Real-Time Solutions

We use the incoming information to drive immediate responses that can then drive profitability and growth. When you have so much data at your fingertips, you can make well-rounded decisions that are perfect for the business’s future.

Architecting Solutions for Insights

Vates' expert team provides deep insights and knowledge using hidden patterns of customer behavior, medical treatments and outcomes, industry manufacturing operations, and other data-intensive industries that are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of the information coming in.

Deriving Interpretations for Maximum Success

We interpret the data from different sources to create machine learning, using advanced artificial intelligence to understand the provided body of information. We can also drive operational and executive decisions about your business's process improvement and product development.

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The Problem? Too Much Data

There is an unimaginable amount of data generated every single day; around three quintillion bytes of data are produced daily! That’s 18 zeros, yes! However, harvesting this data has helped the acceleration and automation of business processes and IoT services and products. This is why the trend keeps on increasing, with 90% of existing data produced in just the last few years.


Shifting through this huge mountain of details, statistics, and particulars can be a monumental task. Vates’ Big Data consultants will act as your guide through this challenging task of sorting through and deriving value from structured and unstructured data sources.

The Solution? Vates

The main challenge with Big Data is overcoming the issues of sorting and processing the data to derive the maximum value. After solving such complex issues, you can excel at competitive intelligence and use proper analytical tools to use Big Data to your advantage. Businesses often look for big data consulting services for their data needs, which is where Vates can help!


Vates’ Big Data consultants work with businesses to outline potential investment areas and the benefits they will receive. First, we thoroughly assess the sources and current storage strategies for Big Data at your firm. We can create a roadmap of upcoming and current projects with focus groups and stakeholder interviews to get early results. Our sophisticated Big Data solutions will be able to detect all hidden patterns and derive maximum value from the collected data streams.


You can make quicker and better business decisions, identify service and product improvement needs, and build cost-effective and efficient solutions through this Big Data roadmap. All of this helps create a stronger, more profitable, and resilient business by reducing costs and creating happier, more loyal customers for your firm. Work with one of the best big data consulting firms in South America!

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Hire Vates for Big Data Consultancy and Solutions

Contact us now to see how Hadoop and/or cloud-based analytical tools for Big Data can help you transform your business model and help you obtain an edge in your industry.

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