Build Vs. Buy – 7 Things That Make Custom Software Development Better!

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Every business owner is currently invested in the “digital revolution”. In an incredibly brief period, technology has significantly advanced and transformed how businesses and organizations operate.

In 2022, running a business without adopting some form of technology is nearly impossible. Business owners require spreadsheets to make an inventory, digital platforms to sell their products, and convenient ways of communicating through email.

According to a report, 90% of small businesses moved to a digital platform after the pandemic and saw a sudden boost in sales. At the same time, larger corporations invest millions of dollars yearly in big data consulting firms to find technological solutions involving IoT and AI.

If you’ve decided to invest in some aspect of technology to elevate your business, you might be planning on introducing a new application by either indulging in an off-the-shelf solution like SaaS (software-as-a-service) product or getting in touch with a software development firm to build custom software from scratch.

Can’t decide whether to build or buy? We are here to help!

Vates is an international software development company with a decade of experience providing quality software testing services. Our IT specialists can help you understand and navigate the complexities of the IT world and help you find reliable technological solutions to help your business grow.

Read ahead to learn seven reasons for buying a custom software system for your organization.

Evaluating Your Business’s Needs

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One of the first things to do is to evaluate your business or organization’s needs and future expectations.

Make a list of what you need from the software.

Whether your organization already has a software system or not, you first need to jot down everything your company requires from your software.

Do you require something that automates all the business tasks you’re performing manually? Do you need something that increases the efficiency of collecting data and visualizing the process? Or do you require something customized to be tailored specifically to your needs? Does your company need to make upgrades in any of its processes?

Investing in off-the-shelf software or custom software depends solely on your requirements.

With custom software, you’re going to get some quick wins. Custom software will help you rapidly gain momentum by enabling you to create automation with software built for your specific needs. Custom software is more efficient than off-the-shelf software because the latter is developed for a wider audience. Your custom software isn’t made with generalized features. It instead has specialized solutions to streamline your business processes.

Customization to The Max

When investing in mass-produced software, you’ll find its features aren’t perfectly suited to all your specific needs and requirements. Your organization will need to adapt or even change some of your previous workflow systems to work with the software’s available features.

Full control over your organization’s required features is essential to improving operational efficacy. A custom software system gives you this level of control.

A personalized and tailored software product for your business will ensure that you have unrestricted access to functionalities that will streamline and optimize your business processes. You can design and develop an integration system that perfectly aligns with your business model to improve productivity and functionality.

Customized Integration Solutions

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In a world where staying on top of your data analytics game is crucial for your business, your organization requires an optimized integration system from your software. Off-the-shelf software systems may not offer the same level of seamlessness when integrating with other software systems. Seamless integration with enterprise-level systems will enable you to extend your existing tools’ functionality and update any systems to shift to mobile and the cloud. These upgrades will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors and improve workflow efficiency.

If you’re searching for a highly-qualified software outsourcing company, look no further. Software testers and developers at Vates are skilled professionals who can engineer software that perfectly accommodates your business’s needs and operations. Our team of IT specialists will not only build and deploy custom software products but will provide support, maintenance, and training services to help you get used to your new custom software. We can leverage leading-edge technologies and programming languages to create a seamless software solution that covers specific business functions to set your business apart in the market.

A Cost-Effective Solution

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Even though hiring a professional team of software developers to build your software products from scratch can sound costly, it does provide long-term savings. This is because custom software systems offer one-of-a-kind solutions that allow smooth integration and can be deployed anytime and anywhere.

You can initiate by working on high-priority and important projects and append advanced features that your budget allows. Each phase of the product will enable you to utilize new features, gather feedback about your custom software product, and make any required improvements.

Getting off-the-shelf software also means calculating extra costs to purchase additional hardware that helps it run efficiently. With custom software products, all additional hardware is already built into the software, helping you eschew any extra costs.

Maximized Security

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One of the biggest advantages of investing in a custom software system is that it offers maximized security. No company is immune to cyber-attacks from hackers damaging its reputation and putting its sensitive information at risk.

Commercial software solutions are very easy to target when it comes to cyber-attacks. But a custom software system is designed solely for the enterprise and is built from scratch, making it very difficult to infiltrate it.

Custom software developers at Vates are well-versed in making software secure and add an extra layer of security through encryption so your organization stays protected from spies and hackers.

Enhanced Scalability

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As you start incorporating the latest technological aspects into your business, it goes without saying that your business will start to grow. This will gradually make your commercial software system obsolete because of your operation’s growing needs and requirements, or the software will become too costly to license.

With a custom software system, you can scale your software to leverage your business growth over time. A custom software system helps business owners easily navigate and meet their operation’s complex and ever-changing demands without being restricted by inadequate software. The flexibility and stability of custom software solutions incorporate the most technologically advanced features that will enhance your business process, offering improved scalability.

Off-the-shelf software solutions are a better fit for small-scale businesses, especially in the initial stages of the business cycle. These software products can help stabilize the company and help it establish a firm footing in the ever-evolving world of business. But if you’re searching for a savvy choice to take your business to new heights, investing in a robust custom software system is your best option.

Increased Reliability

With commercial software systems, you become dependent on the company that developed them. The pricing, terms, condition, and the vendor’s future are all out of your hands.

Once that company decides to stop updating its products, discontinue its services, or go bankrupt, you will have to go through the challenging process of finding a reliable software provider again.

With a custom software system, you can use your system as long as you need without worrying about any additional maintenance or repair costs.

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