Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Services by Vates

We combine decades of experience, top software engineering, and creativity to bring you the best software development, quality, testing, and research services, turning technological solutions into growth enablers. You can restassured that our technologically-savvy professional team can fully accountfor application development. From support in early ideation to perfected solution delivery, we offer excellent quality control too.

Affordable Custom Software Development Services

Vates is one of the best software development companies in South America that provides all-inclusive software development services to onshore and offshore businesses. Our tech-savvy experts have considerable experience in software development, quality assurance, testing, and more.


We believe in open-ended communication with our clients and keep them involved in the entire software development lifecycle. Our tech team will provide comprehensive support in software ideation and execution. We help you every step of the way!


We build customized platforms for our clients that accommodates their unique needs and requirements. We go above and beyond in conducting detailed viability studies and needs analyses to help you outline your software goals and create viable solutions.


Intuitive design, creative development, and seamless execution are the hallmark of our services. Our focus is on providing a great experience through transparent and efficient software development. We conduct robust software testing and quality assurance to ensure the software or application is up-to-speed. Any errors or bugs will only create problems, and rigorous testing will eliminate any defects early in the software development stage.

Our scalable solutions and flexible approach will meet your unique demands. No matter how big of a business you are, we’ll create the perfect software solution that fulfills your requirements.

Custom Software Solutions Cycle

If you outsource your software development needs to us, we can help you build a platform from scratch that accommodates your needs, business data, and operations. We provide a huge range of customizable solutions that you can take advantage of for your business.


Here is how your ultimate custom software is developed at Vates:

Requirement Analysis

Our professional team sits with you and gathers user cases and stories to derive the requirements of your business from the software. Our viability study and needs analysis helps us outline the goals of the software so that we can fulfill the needs of your company.

Design, Development, and Testing

We create a prototype for the software and work with you on perfecting it. This is the perfect time to give your feedback to build your needs into the architecture design.


The majority of testing also takes place at Vates. Our software testing services include:

Production and Operation

This is the phase where we implement the software and provide product deployment assistance. We offer training services so that you can derive the most out of your new custom software.

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Maintenance and Support

Our work doesn’t just stop after building and deploying your product. We continue to provide support and maintenance services of Level 1 and Level 2 to ensure that your software continues to run smoothly.

Types of Custom Software

Our developers’ programming skills and knowledge ensure that we can leverage the top frameworks, technologies, programming languages, and development tools to create the best seamless software solutions for you.


Here is some custom software that Vates can create for you.

Corporate and Inter-Organizational Software Systems

Vates builds custom software that can automate processes across the company and cover interdepartmental information and workflow. This can include transactions with partners, vendors, and customers.

Departmental Software

The departmental software contains premium features that cannot be covered by free or mass-market commercial software. The customized features help departments in your organization to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Software for Specific Business Function

Vates can design software to cover specific business functions, including industry-specific and business-unique processes. Thus, you don’t need to bother with the complicated and time-consuming customization of software products available in the market. Your unique software will do the work for you according to your specific business needs.

Customer Self-Service Apps

Our application development team can create an amazing tailored customer experience that can give you an edge over the market competition.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Software Developers

We have a huge team of IT specialists, designers, developers, and engineers that have decades of combined experience in software design, development, testing, quality maintenance, and research in several industries.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Software Developers 2

We Focus on Providing Great Customer Experience

At Vates, we prioritize our clients and their users to bring them the best custom software development services. We have a personalized approach to creating solutions to business challenges and help you build better connections with your customers. The digital experience we provide can result in growth for your business.

Transparent and Efficient Development

Vates strives to reduce the time needed for your custom software or application development. We achieve this by optimizing our processing, applying agile practices, and using the latest technological advancements. The result is that we can offer more productive, faster, and trackable solutions.

Accelerated Processes

We build your prototype rapidly so that we can test out the efficiency and usability properly. Our experienced team provides you with the necessary support to ensure that the product is perfect. Our engineering, testing, analysis, deployment, and maintenance teams synchronize for high-quality results.

Reliability and Modularity

Vates brings flexibility to modify or add features to the application to enable modularity at every individual component level. We believe in working closely with our clients to create effective, efficient, and accurate solutions. The development process we use ensures that we have flexibility in our approach to design and development. The cutting-edge technology we use provides ease of use to our clients.

Real-Time Collaboration

Our developers, designers, and software engineers will work closely with you to ensure real-time communication, no matter your time zone. Our high standards of transparency and accountability mean that you will receive progress reports and proper management for your project.

Scalable Solutions

We bring value to your business by centering your needs, functions, and wants from the entire process. Our scalable solutions are designed to meet your demands throughout your project’s life cycle.

Vates Provides Custom Software Development to Companies of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter what size of business you are, where in the world you are located, and what your business needs are; we can create the perfect software for you.

Enterprise Software Development

Large-scale businesses often need solutions that can efficiently increase collaboration and information flow. Your business needs to consider the massive level of work you are putting out, and Vates can help you with that.

Midsized Businesses and Products

Vates considers your business needs and customer experience when designing the custom software for you. This ensures that your staff and users can complete all functions without a hitch.

Funded Technology Startups

Startups often have unique needs, especially in terms of functionality and features.

Software Development to Companies of All Sizes

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