Effective Cloud Management Practices for Rookies


Generating $197 billion in revenue, cloud computing now holds over 50 percent of the world’s corporate data. Enabling businesses to become agile, robust, and securer with the cloud infrastructure, the technology is by far the most widely adopted one in the world.

Whether you’re a software development firm such as Vates or a retailer looking to launch an app, moving to the cloud apparently only has benefits. However, businesses and tech experts acknowledge that adopting efficient cloud management practices is crucial to fully leverage cloud technology.

Looking to make the most of the cloud at your enterprise? Here are cloud management tips that will help you along the way.

Strategize the Cloud Migration Phase

Having a robust cloud migration strategy is the start of successful cloud adoption. If you’re a custom development service such as Vates, opt for a phase-wise migration strategy. Conduct an audit to see applications and data that are less important and easier to migrate in the first phase. After completing phase one, move to more complex systems and legacy applications.

Think About Backups and Risk Mitigation

Backup planning and risk mitigation are of utmost importance when moving to the cloud. If you are keen to make the most of the cloud without losing your precious data and applications, you must have risk management plans in place.

Hire the Right People to Manage Cloud

There are several cloud service providers and cloud management companies. Whether you rely on a private cloud or go public, pick the right people to manage your cloud. This is to make sure that you don’t pick up a financial strain along the way or end up in a cloud sprawl with no difference between your assets and liabilities.


Don’t Ignore Compliance and Data Security

Data analytics consulting services, such as Vates, use the cloud without compromising data security. This is because compliance and data security on the cloud is a business’s responsibility and vendors offer no protection for that. When moving to the cloud, have the right protocols, people, and systems in place to keep your data secure and per the regulatory authorities’ guidelines.

Learn About Cost-Optimization

Like most businesses, your biggest goal for moving to the cloud must be to avail the financial benefits. Learn about cost optimization on the cloud and get rid of redundant applications and systems. Make sure you adopt the latest cloud management practices and avoid overhead costs with strategic optimization.

Reiterate the Monitoring Protocol

Once you have moved to the cloud, your job doesn’t end. Cloud monitoring is another important aspect of successful cloud management. Have the right people and protocols in place to fully monitor your data on the cloud, the usage, and the redundancies that hinder you from fully leveraging the cloud.

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