ExO Launchpad, Everything to Know About the Transformational Model

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Watching companies like Netflix, Uber, and Tesla laser-focused on scaling their business until they became powerful and well-established organizations has really made an impact on new business owners. Hence, the business landscape is going through major changes, with new transformative patterns bringing near miraculous results.

But what is the secret behind this exponential growth? Becoming an exponential organization.

According to the Silicon Valley mogul Salim Ismail, an exponential organization uses small footprints to leverage emerging technologies to scale their business outside traditional boundaries. Exponential companies are more focused on investing in technologies instead of increasing their physical assets or human capital. This is what sets them apart from their competitors.

New business owners actively engage with software developers at Vates to learn how to implement the latest technologies to transform their company into an exponential organization.

At Vates, as a nearshore software integration services company, we provide the most innovative and authentic technological solutions that help them grow and succeed. We have over thirty years of experience in providing IT solutions and can help you achieve operational efficacy and enhance your workflow productivity.

Understanding the concept of exponential organizations can be complicated. Let’s take a comprehensive look at this transformational model and how you can implement it.

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Having a massive transformative purpose gives organizations, a higher aspirational reason to thrive and make a difference.

Determining the MTP is the pivotal first step on an organizational level and an individual level. An MTP is more than a mission statement or just an objective. It is what drives the organization to make a change that they want to see in the world with their work.

For example, Boston Children’s Hospital has an MTP that says, “Until every child is well”. This enables the organization to prioritize children as the heart and soul of their work and ask committed institutions to donate to the cause.

With an MTP, a company has the chance to focus and build its business model around the purpose. This gives them the opportunity for endless exponential growth and creates a legacy in the process. Everyone requires a North Star guiding them with an aim and purpose that makes their work meaningful. An MTP is exactly what a startup requires to stay goal-oriented and bring a change.

Staff on Demand

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Every organization that is growing at an exponential rate relies on staff on demand. This enables them to have enhanced functionality, speed, and flexibility. Outsourcing IT solutions can transform the way businesses operate at a foundational level.

This is because you’ll be acquiring a highly-qualified staff while saving a lot of money. Employing people and then training them can be costly. Employing people has a lot of costs like taxation, recruitment, legal paperwork, office management, etc. But with offshore staffing, you have more fluidity with scaling, which will help you generate higher margins and growth.

Another reason to consider outsourcing is to maximize security and increase profitability for yourself. Once you have a team of certified IT professionals working on a project, you can relax and focus on the core tasks of your business without micromanaging anyone.

At Vates, we offer IT staff augmentation that will help you eliminate any gaps that affect your team’s work performance. Our team of talented software testers and developers are not only infrastructure specialists but qualified project managers, architects, and system analysts.

We can provide you with a vast pool of resources that will give your business a competitive advantage and a greater market share. Our premium quality software development services have helped a myriad of businesses establish a robust reputation with reliable IT systems.

Big Data Analytics

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Every organization across the globe is actively working to improve its operations with big data analytics and making data-driven decisions. Big data management helps to improve customer interactions, gain valuable insights, and build a credible brand image.

Big data management is a powerful tool, especially in an era where 463 exabytes of data are being created every single day. Using big data analytics, companies can analyze real-time and historical trends to modify their operations to meet their customer’s unique needs and requirements.

Big data is already being used extensively in many industries. According to a report, 99% of US-based companies invested in big data analytical tools in 2021. This includes the healthcare sector, oil and gas companies, financial services, etc.

Finding a way to adapt to the increasingly changing economic environment is very beneficial for startups. Cloud-based analytics can significantly reduce operational costs, streamlines processes, and improves operations.


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Today’s world runs on algorithms. AI algorithms help businesses collect a large amount of data and then make predictions based on similar patterns. This technology has revolutionized the way organizations operate and has improved customer experience through optimization and tailored recommendations.

IT specialists at Vates can help you customize the algorithm and direct the customer to a specific product. Our qualified IT professionals can perform extensive qualitative and quantitative research and help you scale your business. We have the most comprehensive IT solutions to navigate the complex world of IT. Our IT professionals have an in-depth understanding of AI and machine learning and can incorporate

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