How IT Services Can Accelerate Automation in Your Small Enterprise


We live in a tech-driven world where businesses are increasingly looking to leverage the power of technology to automate their manual functions to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. According to a report, small businesses embracing digitalization and automating functions like finance, sales, inventory management, and data storage are 1.6 times more likely to grow exponentially compared to those who don’t automate.

That said, it can be hard to conduct a digital transformation within your SME if you don’t have the necessary skills and expertise to carry out the process. You may need the help of IoT consulting service providers such as Vates.

Vates is the most robust IT services provider in Chile, Argentina, and Atlanta. Our team and skills are unmatchable, and we go above and beyond to help our clients adopt advanced technologies. Our services include but aren’t limited to agile software development and IT consulting. Let’s take a look at how IT services can accelerate automation in a small enterprise.

Automate Sales and Marketing Processes

You can leverage data and marketing automation to automate your sales and marketing processes. Vates provides Big Data analytics and consulting services that can help you get insights on your sales and marketing and identify areas that need overhauling.

As an SME, you can take advantage of digital simplification and incorporate the latest technologies provided by Vates to improve sales, customer experience, and marketing transformation for your business.

You can consider getting marketing automation software that allows your business to reach customers on multiple channels, giving you a better chance of getting more sales. Hire custom software development services from Vates to help you design customized software to meet your business’s unique needs and requirements.


Improve Communication

You can use IT services to introduce automation to improve your communication with prospects. People contact different businesses for estimates and information about services or products they need. Slow response times can hurt your business.

Customers now expect proper customer support. According to a report from Accenture, 48% of customers now expect specialized treatment for being good and loyal customers. So, how can you improve your response times and ensure that your customer’s needs are met? Introduce automation!

AI-powered chatbots and external support services can be gamechanger. They can ensure that your customer’s queries are appropriately answered within a short timeframe. As a small business competing in a cutthroat economic environment, you should provide value in your service to attract more customers, and response automation is a brilliant way to overcome such challenges.

Get Started with Vates

At Vates, we believe in offering the most advanced IT services. As a reliable IoT solutions & consulting company, we pride ourselves in providing quality digital transformation services, IT support, maintenance, consulting, and strategy planning.

We will comprehensively assess your existing IT resources and identify business areas that need improvement. We will then provide you with a roadmap to digitize your operations and key processes and achieve economic efficiency. Check out our solutions or contact us now for more details.

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