How to Choose the Right System Integration Company?

A system integration company workers evaluating an existing system

A system integration company builds computing systems for different businesses. These computing systems include hardware, software, networking, and storage options, which come together to innovate a business. In the current era, almost every business is trying to innovate its operations and products using technology—and getting a new automated, integrated system is the best way to do that!

Vates is a system integration company that uses the latest technologies to create customized systems for different businesses. Through Vates, businesses can get full-scale system integration, including developing new systems, their implementation, testing, and maintenance.

Are you confused about hiring a good system integration company? Here’s your guide to choosing the right system integration company.

Has Expertise in the Relevant Domain

One of the most critical factors you must consider while hiring a system integration company is its expertise in your respective domain. Instead of selecting a system integration company that hasn’t worked on any real-world projects, businesses should look for companies that have integrated the systems of various companies in the past years. But how can you decide that a system integration company has enough experience and knowledge?

Well, you can check their previous client reviews. In addition, asking a system integration company to demonstrate the changes it will make in your systems will help you learn more about its expertise. System integration companies should provide high-level technological solutions for your business’s problems. An example of a system integration company is Vates, which hires top system integrators and trains them to be experts in improving and maintaining IT systems.

Does an Evaluation

Before a system integration company starts a project of innovating a company’s IT landscape, it should evaluate the current tools and technologies. Always choose a system integration company willing to research your company’s IT use in-depth. This should include system architecture methodologies to determine the issues with your company’s current IT systems.

In this way, a system integration company can present a report, including the observed issues and recommendations to fix them. In addition, the discussion or report should include the road map and integration plan that the system integration company will follow. Evaluation is vital for improving an IT system and indicates that the system integration company is up for the task!

Demonstrates Post-Integration Support

Many system integration companies will tell you that they will implement a new system or application in your company, and that will be all. But should that be all? No, a good system integration company should be available after evaluating, improving, and implementing a new IT system in your organization. The system integration company should evaluate the new system, determining its impact on your business.

Moreover, it should be available to answer queries regarding a system and provide essential support. Therefore, we recommend selecting a system integration company that evaluates its systems post-implementation and adds more features that might benefit the business later.

A system integrator integrating the laptop with a network

The Implementation Methodologies It Uses

One of the most important questions you should ask a system integration company is its implementation methodologies in past projects. Always select a system integration company that knows different implementation methodologies and how to implement complex systems.

You can ask IT specialists in your company to ask a system integration company about their preferred methodologies. Always ask them to hand you its process metrics, showing the success rate of the system integration projects it has done before. Vates develops custom systems using different implementation methodologies based on their client’s needs.

Demonstrates Extensive Knowledge of System Integration Tools

Another factor your business must consider while hiring a system integration company is its knowledge about different system integration tools. These system integrators should sit down with your team and discuss the tools they plan on using while integrating your system. In addition, the system integration company you choose should have access to the latest tools to innovate your business.

From coding to deployment, a system integration company should use industry-approved technologies for every step. Vates, an expert system integration company, always uses the latest tools for system evaluation, implementation, testing, and maintenance, ensuring that its clients benefit from trending technologies.

A system integration company worker creating an integrated system

Should Have a Maintenance Plan

When hiring a system integration company, ask their system integrators if and how they will maintain your system post-deployment. We recommend choosing a system integration company with a detailed maintenance plan. You can add this in the hiring contract to get maintenance and support for your integrated system for a year or more.

Having a system maintenance plan is vital. Even though a business and a system integration company can maintain the new system, the primary responsibility falls on the system integration company. The company should also train the business’s employees about using the new system once it’s implemented.

Cost and Time Effectiveness

While it might take months for a system to be fully implemented and deployed, businesses need a system to run their operations smoothly. Therefore, we recommend choosing the most time-saving option while looking for a system integration company. A company that takes months to add a new feature to an existing system might not be the right choice. You should always discuss the timeline.

In addition, you should look for system integration companies that provide you with cost-worthy system integration solutions. Yes, you might have to invest money in getting a new, functional system, but it doesn’t mean that you should overspend. Discuss your budget with a system integration company and request them to create a customized system within this budget. Vates, an expert system integration company, creates cost-effective, customized systems, which is a win-win situation for your business.

System integration backend for a business

Try Vates—A System Integration Company

By selecting the right system integration company, you can innovate your business operations, taking the first step toward digital transformation. At Vates, we offer system integration services where we develop custom software according to your business’s needs. In addition, we also provide software testing services, which is a critical part of the system integration procedure. We also provide IT maintenance and support for the systems we integrate and evaluate your existing systems before system integration.

Reach out to us and let our system integration services company integrate your business’s systems.




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