How to Design Business Boosting Retail Apps That Help Customers

Mannequins in a retail stores window

Whether you’re at the office or your home, restaurant, or park, millennials and Gen Z just don’t have any boundaries when it comes to online shopping. It has become a part of our lives.

Need groceries? Use the app. Need new clothes? Shop online!

In short, a report revealing that 80% of modern-day customers want to shop online totally makes sense. Our lives have become so fast, tech-driven, and jam-packed that we don’t always have time to go to the mall and shop as we did back in the early 21st century.

This situation poses a huge opportunity for retail business owners. If you’re still running a brick-and-mortar retail store and haven’t leveraged the online landscape, Vates is here to help. We offer cutting-edge IT consultancy, custom software development services, and application testing to help businesses get on the right track.

Here’s a detailed guide to creating a robust app for your retail business.

Prioritize Customer/User Experience

According to Statista, the online retail market stood at $41.7B in 2013 and reached $338B in 2020! That’s what we call staggering growth.

A desk operator at a retail store using an accounting application for invoices

And the best part is that all the successful retail apps have one thing in common: customer experience. You need to ensure that your user or customer enjoys the experience from the moment they install the app to when they complete a purchase. You can easily do so by utilizing enhanced and custom app development, UI/UX upgrades, and engaging features.

Pick an Easy App Design

The more complex your app is, the higher the chances of failure. Today’s customers are all about easy, seamless, and fast online shopping. They don’t want unnecessary features, popups, and ads while shopping online. And that’s why you must pick an easy app design.

Statistics show that an average retail app user spends only 3 seconds deciding whether or not they want to continue. Sounds intimidating, right? But with a professional’s assistance and some research, you can gauge your target market’s persona and offer exactly what it needs.

Don’t go overboard with the animations and images. Keep the content SEO-friendly and use pragmatic keywords to maximize conversions. Here’s how Vates can help you!

Open Lines of Communication

Customers often fail to love an app due to the absence of a feedback option.

As a retail store owner, you’re directly dealing with the end users, and they must have an easy medium to provide reviews, feedback, and ask questions.

Having honest, open communication with your customers will give you a better insight into what’s missing in the app and what can be improved to boost the customer experience.

Rely on the Professionals

Taking the matter into your own hands might not be a very good and cost-effective decision when designing a retail app.

You should hire professional nearshore developers who have application testing expertise. This will not only help in the development phase but also ensure that your app is free of bugs, interface problems, and load/stress memory leaks.

Partner with Vates

Vates offers high-end IT consulting and system integration services. The firm partners with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Gold Solution Partner, and many other world-famous technology solution providers. They’ve also been awarded the best B2B company by Clutch and Tech Reviewer. So what’re you waiting for?

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