How to Hire Remote Developers If You Can’t Hire Software Developers Locally

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Software development services and expert software developers are quickly changing markets and industries, working efficiently and providing adequate results.

However, these services and professionals still seem to cost many businesses and firms a hefty penny, making it impossible for them to develop new applications and software programs. But fret not; this doesn’t mean you can’t hire remote developers or collaborate with outsourcing software development companies.

In this blog, we’ll break down some of our most effective tips, helping you hire remote software developers when you can’t hire them locally. 

Taking time differences and language barriers into consideration

When you decide to hire software development experts from outsourcing or nearshore software development companies, you need to consider time differences and language barriers.

These factors will inevitably affect your project, communication, performance, and project time frame. If you’re not able to communicate your needs and requirements to the software developing experts, neither party will be able to get their work done.

So, before you sign a contract with remote software developers, you need to learn about them, determine the languages they speak fluently, and if they’re able to understand and meet your expectations. You can also coincide your work hours, ensuring you’re able to communicate with them and oversee the progress of your project.

Low prices can mean poor-quality

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’re already saving a lot of money by not hiring and building an in-house software development team. You don’t need to ask for lower prices from professional software developers, jeopardizing the quality of your product.

Low prices are always a good thing but you need to be reasonable with your expectations. If you’re able to hire remote software developers for free, you can say goodbye to quality, expertise, and confidentiality.

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Choosing a cooperation model

It doesn’t matter whether you need long-term cooperation or need to fill the talent and expertise gap in your team, you need to hire someone with adequate knowledge, expertise, and skills, making sure you and your end-users get a software program that is free from any bugs and coding errors.

If you’re wondering why, you should hire dedicated software teams for an outsourcing software development company, below are some of the many benefits they’ll bring to your project.

Hiring developers from an outsourcing software development company

Reduced pricing

The best thing about taking advantage of outsourcing is usually always reduced and low prices. An outsourcing or nearshore software development company will meet your expectations at a reasonable rate, saving you a lot of time, money, hassle, and stress.

Access to better expertise and superior talent

Sure, you can conduct interviews and hire some of the best software developers and programmers in your area but with outsourcing software development companies you gain access to a bigger and better talent pool that is skilled and ready to work on your application or software program.

Time efficiency

When looking to hire software developers for your application or software program, you not only want timely updates and reports but also efficient performance and results, promptly. When an outsourcing software development company signs your contract, they take responsibility for completing your project on time and giving you adequate results and customer service.

This means they have to carry out everything from analyzing, planning, designing to constant maintenance and upgrades on their shoulders, ensuring you and the end-users get an effective product by the time the project duration comes to an end.

Outsourcing software development services

Reduced risks

Building a team of software developers or hiring freelancers might be an answer to your solution but it doesn’t come without risks. You don’t really know how they’ll perform in a stressful situation and when they’ll be able to finish your project.

However, with an outsourcing software development company these risks go out the window as you not only get skilled developers but also project managers who oversee the entire process and establish an open-ended communication channel.


Unlike in-house or freelance software developers, hiring a dedicated software team ensures your projects are not completed in a certain time frame but also guarantees complete confidentiality. Whatever ideas you and your team bring to the table will stay between you and the developers, giving you complete control of your product.

Which type of remote developer is ideal for your project?

Truth be told, no two software development projects are similar to each other. Hiring the right software developer largely depends on the type of project you’re hoping to complete along with its scale, your budget, hands-on experience, and your team’s skills.

You’ll have to find software development experts who not only meet your requirements but are also skilled and experienced, giving you the results, you’re hoping for. You might have to check the outsourcing software development company’s reviews and customer testimonials to get a better idea of their overall performance and customer service.

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Where to find expert software developers and programmers for hire?

If you’re looking to hire reliable and professional software development experts at a reasonable cost, we’re here to help you make your software development project a success with our effective custom software solutions.

At Vates, we offer a plethora of services including software development services, IT staff augmentation services, testing as a service provider, software testing services, and more. Our dedicated software teams are extremely professional and skilled, giving you the best possible custom software solutions based on your needs and requirements. As a nearshore software development company, we strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations offering them high-quality services at an affordable rate.

For more information about our services, feel free to reach out to us or schedule a 30-minute meeting and we’ll be more than happy to assist you any way we can!

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