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Engineering Solutions and Robust System Development for IoT Services

With the top IT talent at your disposal, you will be able to create fully-integrated and multi-platform apps that provide your customers with ease of use, MVP development, tested services, and amazing user experience.

End-To-End IoT Solutions

Vates provides Complete System Integrations, Delivered Quickly with Lower Costs and Risks

We provide vast IoT services to help your business with greater user experience and optimum systems integration. We ensure that you maintain your stellar reputation and profitability by providing successful products without costly mistakes. Our engineers can create flexible systems that integratestate-of-the-art technologies that provide superior results. The Vates lab environment ensures that mistakes can be detected and fixed early. We also help you avoid any costly hardware components to lower your costs. With our end-to-end project management, you will be able to go beyond just IoT development and receive full systems integration. We are listed as the Best IoT company on The Manifest and Clutch.
IoT Solutions

Our Clients

We have worked for hundreds of well-known companies from across industries:

IoT Systems Integrator Solutions

Just experience in IoT software development is not enough to produce successful products. The right product needs to be created without costly mistakes that can affect profitability, reputation, and readiness when your product is available in the market. Our professional IoT system integrator engineers can greatly enhance your success.

Our system integrator works with flexibility in mind to create legacy systems that have end-to-end solutions embedded in the product. With the vast knowledge of the IoT landscape at your disposal, your systems will be empowered by superior decision-making and results. We can boost the agility of global businesses with our effective IoT solutions.



For an IoT project, you need access to various engineers so that all tasks can be completed with expert precision. Our team has engineers with high-level skills and experience in real-time analytics, big data, software architecture, computer vision, user experience, and a lot more. This ensures that your go-to-market delivery can be accelerated with great solutions for specific business problems.


We do more than just IoT development, offering inter-operative, complete system integration solutions. Vates will act as a partner for your company as it embarks on digital transformation projects. Our skilled development team will provide innovative solutions for everything – from small project components to full multi-platform solutions.


Unique IoT Services by Vates

  • 90% Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Variety of skill levels with dedicated IoT teams
  • Senior engineers for economical rates and best deliveries
  • IoT Systems Integrator Services
  • IoT Data Analytics Consulting
  • 7% R&D investment levels for building and maintaining momentum in innovation.
  • Full Cycle Solutions: Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to provide market-ready IoT products
  • Experience working with Fortune 500 companies and innovative entrepreneurs
  • Experience in software architecture and developing
  • Market-ready products with FDA certified devices
  • Commercial IoT products
  • Industrial IoT products

Vates Rapid Prototyping (VRP)

It is vital to go beyond science and take methodology into account. Vates’ immense experience in the field has led to the creation of a rapid prototyping lab that drives high customer satisfaction rates. The lowered costs and few surprises ensure happy customers.


We produce reliable results and reduce the risk of any errors that may cost you with our efficient methodology. We create and design innovative IoT solutions using the proprietary Vates Rapid Prototyping (VRP) method. The reliable process ensures extremely quick delivery since we design and deliver via the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) method to maximize feedback implementation and validate the product functionality. Clients will determine whether to proceed with further investment into the project this way. The VRP methodology allows for early detection of design flaws or invalid assumptions that may be affecting the economic, technical, and operational feasibility. We also fix them promptly.


The result is that using the VRP method in devices development can save time and money for you and ensure raving customers for the products.


IoT Industries Experience

We have successfully provided Consumer IoT services, Industrial IoT services, and Commercial IoT services to the industries below:
  • SmartHome IoT integration and application development
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions for the automotive industry
  • Low power IoT sensor solutions for the healthcare industry
  • IoT-based predictive maintenance solutions
  • GPS IoT Asset Tracking solutions for the mining industry
  • Chronic illness IoT solutions -routine health checks are brought in-house to alleviate hospitals via IoT solutions
  • Blood pressure IoT chronic illness solutions with FDA certified devices
  • Monitoring Sensor – Bluetooth to cell phone to hospital’s cloud for access by patients’ doctors
  • IoT Worker Safety solutions for high-risk work environments
  • Adapting IoT solutions for international frequencies and other adaptability issues

Custom IoT Solutions

As entrepreneurs and companies start digital transformation projects, mass-market and off-the-shelf solutions for IoT will never be enough. Vates can create custom IoT solutions so that you can focus on marketing and value proposition.

IoT Transportation Services

We can assist transportation companies by installing sensors in loading trucks to provide detailed information about the truck’s path by measuring humidity, speed, height, road vibrations, and more.


IoT Healthcare Solutions

Safety for healthcare facilities and hospitals can be greatly enhanced by properly tracking patients and equipment. Information about where patients went, how long they stayed and left the premises can help create more efficiency in your facility.

IoT Smart HOME

Smart Homes offers comprehensive functionalities that can create better homes for clients, ranging from light switches, control locks, security cameras, and more.

IoT Manufacturing Solutions

Assets and workers in manufacturing plants can be monitored with Smart Glasses and sensors that allow management to check performance, location and give instructions in real-time from anywhere.

Quality IoT Consulting Services at Your Fingertips

Vates is an industry leader in providing quality IoT solutions & consulting services. Our inter-operative and complete system integration solutions go beyond IoT development and help you succeed in your projects. We’ve worked with businesses across the globe in developing IoT solutions that elevate their organizations to greater heights.


Our IoT consulting services can help you make smart and prompt decisions that positively impact the profitability of your business. We have significant experience in handling a multitude of projects. Whether you want small project components or multi-platform solutions, we’re here to help! We have a 90% satisfaction rate for our IoT projects. Our clients consistently praise us for our professionalism, skill, and expertise when handling complex projects.

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