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Vates has the best IT experts and talent working tirelessly to bring businesses all over the world with the best IT services in Argentina. Every architect, developer, engineer, researcher, and consultant has decades of experience and unparalleled skills that can help transform your business.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting services offer businesses the chance to take advantage of digital simplification and a design-led approach that can bring you success. Vates provides assistance in incorporating the latest technologies to improve the customer experience, design, and marketing transformation for your business.


The investigation stage is where Vates will analyze the goals of your business in different areas and departments. We will also assess the existing IT resources that you have, such as cloud services, networking infrastructure, digital tools, security maturity, online platforms, and business apps.


We also explore the workflow of the target business, such as time inefficiencies, error rates, and share of manual labor. Lastly, we assess the skill gaps in your firm that we can provide innovative solutions for. This assessment is key in figuring out what business needs you have when it comes to IT solutions.

IT Consulting Services

Digital Transformation Roadmapping

The next phase of our IT consultancy service is modernizing the existing technology your business is using to better align with your firm’s needs and gaps. This will also help you better optimize costs for software re-architecture, platform migration, re-coding, and containerization. Vates will help by modernizing the IT infrastructure in your workplace.


Integrating new digital tools and platforms can optimize your financial investments and time. By decreasing manual labor and increasing the share of automated task fulfillment, you can digitize key processes to become more efficient in the office. To cover up the gaps in your IT services, we also help reskill the employees so that workflow is more productive.

IT Strategy Consulting

Vates will assess the current IT environment of your firm including the IT infrastructure complexity, applications, application integrations, data warehouses, databases, and development infrastructure. We assist you by shaping the IT infrastructure vision so that it aligns with the business needs. This means that all IT organizations and resources need to be developed into a stable, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure.


Vates will plan strategic initiatives so that your firm can develop into a highly functional IT haven with upgrades, migration, redesigning, and modernizing activities. It is imperative for businesses to make informed decisions for products, services, marketing, business operations, and more. This is only possible if you allow Vates to advance your data resource utilization.


By increasing the efficiency of your cloud resources, you can shift to demand-driven cloud consumption for your business operations. Vates will provide you with time and financial investment estimates for all initiatives taken and will prioritize the tasks for you.

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IT Solution Consulting

Using the analysis of your business needs, we will outline the scope of functionality for all IT solutions presented to you. Keeping the existing software ecosystem, budget, number of users, and other factors in mind, we will help you decide between customized IT solutions or platform-based IT initiatives.


If you deem that platform-based solutions would be better, Vates will provide you with comparison research for all relevant platforms to help you make an informed choice for the best one. This will help create functional specifications with regard to customization, configuration, and integration details.


If you chose a custom IT solution, we will plan a resilient architecture, create a prototype, and define the required project roles and skills.

Technology Consulting

Vates can provide estimates for the value that all the technology that you are planning on introducing will bring such as cost savings, staff productivity, competitive edge, and more. Vates can outline a roadmap for technology adoption in your firm starting from licensing choices to implementation.


Technologies We Work with:

  • Clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, and Rackspace
  • Big data tools: Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, and more
  • Immersive technologies: AR and VR
  • Computer vision
  • IoTBlockchain
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Our high-quality IT consultancy services can help digitally transform your business, and increase productivity, sales, efficiency, and workflow for your company.

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