Job Opportunities

Careers at Vates

Vates offers you the opportunity to become a part of a skilled and expert team that enjoys solving the challenges of creating the latest generation of software products and services. If you are someone who appreciates excellence, creating innovative solutions, and tackling technological puzzles, check out the opportunities we have for you.


As a part of our team, you will:

  • Be able to work in flexible environments where human relationships, respect, commitment, and integrity are prioritized
  • Enhance your professional skills with language programs and training opportunities
  • Participate in amazing national and international projects with all kinds of companies, giving you a chance to broader your professional horizons
  • Be a part of a dynamic and solid technology company as a leader in the tech and IT industry
  • Have the opportunity to work in our offices in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santiago, Chile, and Silicon Valley.
Testing Services

Job Opportunities

Vates has created a team that is passionate about innovation, technology, and research, and you can become a part of it too! With 30 years of working in the field for custom software development, app development, testing, quality assurance, R&D, and other IT services with leading firms like Motorola, Oracle, Intel, IBM, and more.


We provide innovative solutions for LATAM and USA’s firms of all sizes, from small IT startups to large-scale Fortune 500 firms. If you choose to work with us, you will be working for industry leaders on cutting-edge projects within an agile and flexible environment. Your team members will consist of the very best in IT talent, so you will have ample opportunity to learn and grow as well. If you are interested in being part of the team with the best professionals, ample resources and structures, an above-market salary, and working with leading multinationals, apply with us!


Our people are the top 10% of IT talent. If you are interested in being part of our team of the best professionals, with a salary above the market, with the structure and resources of a market-leading multinational, apply!

Why Opt For Vates Testing Services?

We Offer Flexible Methodologies, Competitive Pricing, and Relentless Expertise

Our Testing as a Service (TaaS) model provides flexible application and software testing solutions. We have built an expert team that can test out every product’s function at every level, maintaining overall quality and function. Vates’ R&D department works continuously to develop better tools, technologies, and methodologies to provide you with increased efficiency and effectiveness too.


Here are some reasons to hire Vates for your testing services:

Vates Testing Services