Offshore Vs. Nearshore Outsourcing: What’s Best For Your Business

A nearshore IT consultant

Outsourcing any kind of project assistance, especially software engineering, brings many opportunities and benefits for businesses, allowing them to offset administrative and recruitment costs.

Outsourcing is divided into two main categories: nearshore and offshore. As the name suggests, nearshore outsourcing refers to hiring services in a neighboring country. In contrast, offshore outsourcing means delegating services anywhere in the world.

Both types have their own ups and downs. However, at Vates, we recommend small and medium-sized enterprises hire a nearshore services provider. In this blog, we have highlighted the key differences between nearshore and offshore outsourcing. Read till the end to learn our stance and the reasons behind it.

Cultural Differences

Hiring a software developer or any other kind of tech team in another country means you’ll be exposed to cultural differences. But nearshore providers can significantly reduce this risk and help your in-house team connect with the outsourcers more easily.

Cultural differences can increase project delays, miscommunication instances, and opinion discords. Hence, hiring a nearshore software developer is better to maximize project quality, speed, and validity.

Vates steps in as one of the most credible big data and custom software development firms. We offer a wide range of business technology solutions under one roof.

A software developer coding for a new app

Time Zones

Nearshore companies provide an added benefit of time zone similarity, making it easier for you and the remote team to align their deliverables. On the flip side, offshore outsourcing can make meeting schedules, meetings, budgeting, and problem resolution quite difficult.

Your team might not be able to communicate with the outsourcers due to time zone differences, ultimately increasing billable hours and delays. Get in touch with Vates if you’re looking for a software developer, IoT team, or IT consultant across Argentina, Chile, or Atlanta.

Security and Audits

Ensuring business security and process audits is your top priority when outsourcing enterprise services. Nearshore service providers make it easier for employers to run periodical tests, system security assessments, and regulatory audits. However, you might face auditing difficulties with an offshore company due to different SOPs and laws.

Always ask your service provider about data protection laws and policies to maximize your employees’ safety and well-being.

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