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Vates Prides Itself On Providing a One-Stop-Shop Solution for All Your Software, And IT Needs.

Vates has a team of talented IT experts, developers, software engineers, designers, UX architects, and data specialists that have decades of experience under their belt. We have been creating impactful customized software for over 30 years for leading companies from across industries worldwide. We combine technological vision, profound expertise, and streamlined methods to offer end-to-end custom software development. This allows us to create meaningful software solutions that can help you expand your business rapidly and create more efficiency in your workflow.


Bring us an idea, and we will make it a reality for you!

Custom Software Development Services by Vates

We combine decades of experience, top software engineering, and creativity to bring you the best software development, quality, testing, and research services, turning technological solutions into growth enablers. You can restassured that our technologically-savvy professional team can fully accountfor application development. From support in early ideation to perfected solution delivery, we offer excellent quality control too.

Custom Software Solutions Cycle

If you outsource your software development needs to us, we can help you build a platform from scratch that accommodates your needs, business data, and operations. We provide a huge range of customizable solutions that you can take advantage of for your business.


Here is how your ultimate custom software is developed at Vates:

Requirement Analysis

Our professional team sits with you and gathers user cases and stories to derive the requirements of your business from the software. Our viability study and needs analysis helps us outline the goals of the software so that we can fulfill the needs of your company.

Design, Development, and Testing

We create a prototype for the software and work with you on perfecting it. This is the perfect time to give your feedback to build your needs into the architecture design.


The majority of testing also takes place at Vates. Our software testing services include:

Production and Operation

Our professional team sits with you and gathers user cases and stories to derive the requirements of your business from the software. Our viability study and needs analysis helps us outline the goals of the software so that we can fulfill the needs of your company.

web Structure 1

Maintenance and Support

Our work doesn’t just stop after building and deploying your product. We continue to provide support and maintenance services of Level 1 and Level 2 to ensure that your software continues to run smoothly.

Types of Custom Software

Our developers’ programming skills and knowledge ensure that we can leverage the top frameworks, technologies, programming languages, and development tools to create the best seamless software solutions for you.


Here is some custom software that Vates can create for you.

Corporate and Inter-Organizational Software Systems

Our professional team sits with you and gathers user cases and stories to derive the requirements of your business from the software. Our viability study and needs analysis helps us outline the goals of the software so that we can fulfill the needs of your company.

Departmental Software

The departmental software contains premium features that cannot be covered by free or mass-market commercial software. The customized features help departments in your organization to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Software for Specific Business Function

Vates can design software to cover specific business functions, including industry-specific and business-unique processes. Thus, you don’t need to bother with the complicated and time-consuming customization of software products available in the market. Your unique software will do the work for you according to your specific business needs.

Customer Self-Service Apps

Our application development team can create an amazing tailored customer experience that can give you an edge over the market competition.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Software Developers

We have a huge team of IT specialists, designers, developers, and engineers that have decades of combined experience in software design, development, testing, quality maintenance, and research in several industries.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Software Developers 2

We Focus on Providing Great Customer Experience

At Vates, we prioritize our clients and their users to bring them the bestcustom software development services. We have a personalized approach to creating solutions to business challenges and help you build better connections with your customers. The digital experience we provide can result in growth for your business.

Transparent and Efficient Development

Vates strives to reduce the time needed for your custom software or application development. We achieve this by optimizing our processing, applying agile practices, and using the latest technological advancements. The result is that we can offer more productive, faster, and trackable solutions.

Accelerated Processes

We build your prototype rapidly so that we can test out the efficiency and usability properly. Our experienced team provides you with the necessary support to ensure that the product is perfect. Our engineering, testing, analysis, deployment, and maintenance teams synchronize for high-quality results.

Reliability and Modularity

Vates brings flexibility to modify or add features to the application to enable modularity at every individual component level. We believe in working closely with our clients to create effective, efficient, and accurate solutions. The development process we use ensures that we have flexibility in our approach to design and development. The cutting-edge technology we use provides ease of use to our clients.

Real-Time Collaboration

Our developers, designers, and software engineers will work closely with you to ensure real-time communication, no matter your time zone. Our high standards of transparency and accountability mean that you will receive progress reports and proper management for your project.

Scalable Solutions

We bring value to your business by centering your needs, functions, and wants from the entire process. Our scalable solutions are designed to meet your demands throughout your project’s life cycle.

Vates Provides Custom Software Development to Companies of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter what size of business you are, where in the world you are located, and what your business needs are; we can create the perfect software for you.

Enterprise Software Development

Large-scale businesses often need solutions that can efficiently increase collaboration and information flow. Your business needs to consider the massive level of work you are putting out, and Vates can help you with that.

Midsized Businesses and Products

Vates considers your business needs and customer experience when designing the custom software for you. This ensures that your staff and users can complete all functions without a hitch.

Funded Technology Startups

Startups often have unique needs, especially in terms of functionality and features.

Software Development to Companies of All Sizes

Vates Provides Clients with The Ultimate Testing Services to Ensure a Bug-Free and Smooth User Experience

Vates provides you with the expertise of the industry’s best engineers, designers, UX architects, and developers to ensure your application runs smoothly. We can help you improve your mobile and web apps and software with our innovative solutions and high-quality assurance standards.

Quality Application Testing Services by Vates

Vates provides application testing services that test every element of the software you are using: performance, functioning, integrations, security, and usability. We ensure every aspect is fully-compliant with the requirements you need and free from defects.


We provide several testing services to ensure greater efficiency in our methodologies, tools, and technologies according to the needs of your business. With 25 years of experience in application testing, Vates ensures the highest possible quality for everything from entire software ecosystems to applications critical to running your business. This contributes to the overall efficiency and business continuity.

Why Do You Need Professional Application Testing Services?

From social media apps that we often scroll through to service apps that are integral to our daily lives, we are all dependent on software for daily activities. However, if you want your application to become popular among users, you must ensure it is bug-free, quick, and user-friendly.


Your business will need to deliver applications that pass through our rigorous quality assurance and software testing standards to achieve great results. Vates can help you ensure that users worldwideexperience optimum quality and derive high value from the end product. This is why we offer such thorough solutions for:

Automated Testing

Vates’ Automated Testing services offer you the chance to catch any defects in your products before you release them. Even with the manual testing process and efforts of skilled developers, some defects can arise. We can help you test and fix them before your application becomes available to the masses. Our expert testing services are based on the highest standards of quality assurance and development trends such as Behavior Driven Testing, Continuous Integration, and Test-Driven Development.


Vates works with:

Automation Tools



Functional Testing

Functional Testing is a set process that validates different functions of an application. We test out every app feature to ensure that it works efficiently. We ensure that you meet the requirements of your software and that your customers and staff members do not face any issues when they use the app. It is a core element of quality testing.


Vates carries out design and analysis through every part of the software development process. This ensures that all software elements are free from defects and are efficient, so your business needs are met. We offer exploratory and manual testing services complemented by automated testing. This passes your software through a wide range of testing criteria, including Regression Testing, Component Testing, Unit Testing, Systems Integration Testing, and Systems Integration.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is an important aspect of the mobile app and software testing pipeline. You will need to make sure that you can predict and track the changes in performance for different connection qualities, increase in traffic load, the location of the user, and more. Mobile apps also need to be tested to see if they fit well in different screen dimensions.


Some issues in the application can arise during production related to availability and scalability, such as data transfer volumes, a number of hits every second, or simultaneous users. Such setbacks need to be detected during the early stages so that you can avoid unnecessary costs and optimize your time. Vates can help ensure that your mobile apps and software adhere to high-performance standards.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing is one of the last stages of the development process before going live with your product. The app is tested out by real users who will determine whether it fits the requirements in the real world. This validates the changes you have made.


Vates ensures that your app passes through every User Acceptance Test to ensure that the desired implementation is completed. Our Application Homologation Services make the entire implementation and software development process more agile. We guarantee that each process functions correctly.

Usability and Compatibility Testing

Usability and Compatibility testing services need to be completed before the product goes live. The application needs to have an optimum user experience built into the design and provide an easy-to-use interface to avoid issues.


Before going live with your product, you need to improve the user experience to optimum levels. When combined with the best UX practices, testing the flow of your product can ensure it meets the needs of the user and your business requirements.


Vates has professional usability experts that can help you get the most from the UX testing process.

Social Networks and Mobile Testing

Mobile devices and social networks are crucial for any business since they contribute to growth. With more and more users turning to mobile devices, it is essential to ensure that all social applications are compatible with different devices. The response time for all apps needs to be efficient to meet the faster pace that social networks require.

Why Opt For Vates Testing Services?

We Offer Flexible Methodologies, Competitive Pricing, and Relentless Expertise

Our Testing as a Service (TaaS) model provides flexible application and software testing solutions. We have built an expert team that can test out every product’s function at every level, maintaining overall quality and function. Vates’ R&D department works continuously to develop better tools, technologies, and methodologies to provide you with increased efficiency and effectiveness too.


Here are some reasons to hire Vates for your testing services:

Vates Testing Services

Vates Offers High-Quality Support and Maintenance Services Available 24/7!

Our work doesn’t just end after building your software for you. We continue working with all our customers to provide high-quality and dedicated support and maintenance so that you never have to worry at all!

Vates Software Help Center

Vates provides you with the expertise of the industry’s best engineers, designers, UX architects, and developers to ensure your application runs smoothly. We can help you improve your mobile and web apps and software with our innovative solutions and high-quality assurance standards.

Three Levels of Maintenance and Support

Vates has divided our support levels into three main tiers to help prioritize the problems to be solved quickly and efficiently. Our support teams are trained to provide exemplary support to solve any issues quickly.

1st Level of Support

Provides basic software support, solves online system problems, and refers incidents to other support levels.

Characteristics of Support

  • 24/7 Online Support: Our professional teams are available throughout the year for any necessary online support.
  • Single Service Contact Number: Your entire business has one point of contact to report all incidents in the operations and systems provided by us, such as application problems for users, system crashes, power outages, etc.
  • Training for Systems: The help desk will collaborate between user support and training to provide solutions for common issues such as a lack of knowledge on operations, problems with accessing applications, resetting passwords, incorrect functionality use, user registration issues, deregistration, etc.
  • Call Attention: We have a rotating line designed for incident reporting. All the support requests are received on call, and solutions are managed based on the issues.
  • Incident Reception: Our incident management tool analyses the problems and offers solutions to tackle them efficiently.
  • Operational Planning: We register and then followup on mass-level problems preventing the system from serving either your business or customers. Acting as a professional intermediary between the incidents and the solutions, we provide constant communication with users to solve issues like CRM down, customers without services, locals without links, DB slowness, queuing transactions, and more, quickly and efficiently.
  • Alarm Monitoring: We provide a control panel that can raise alarms when any failures in equipment, services, systems, and subsystems are detected. It also automatically reports the correct operation solutions to you.
  • Preventive Center: We provide analytical tools so that you can operate with preventions in mind so that problems don’t arise.

2nd Level of Support

Provides basic software support, solves online system problems, and refers incidents to other support levels.

Characteristics of Support

  • Help Desk Support: Supports all 1stlevel support issues with documentation and ongoing training for new solutions.
  • Incident Reception and Resolutions: Incidents raised in the 1stlevel are raised for correction and verification. Any incidents with source code errors are sent to the 3rd level of support to implement solutions within the production.
  • Program Development Maintenance: Programs like batch processes and base scripts are run and developed through production. These solution types are targeted the affected areas and can even be preventive until final solutions are implemented.
  • Reporting and Tracking: If errors are detected within the source code, reports are sent to the 3rd level of support, where definitive solutions are implemented. The 2nd level of support performs preventative tasks to ensure problems don’t stop workflow and follow-up on solutions until they are implemented. These include collaborating for analyzing solutions and providing correction proposals.

3rd Level of Support

Provides implementation within the production of definitive solutions for any issues within the system.

Characteristics of Support

  • Development cell with different efficient methodologies like Kanban
  • Implementation of solutions and corrections with production
  • Incidents that were verified and resolved in the 2ndlevel are sent to the 3rd level for development and implementation of long-term modifications within the production process.
  • Creating versions of software components
  • Continuous workflow to ensure business needs are fulfilled
  • Specialized solutions
  • Continuous improvement

Application and Software Maintenance and Support Services

We offer reliable, relevant, and effective maintenance and support services that accommodate your changing business needs. Vates offers you full-range maintenance and support for applications and software of different complexities and types.

Engineering Solutions and Robust System Development for IoT Services

With the top IT talent at your disposal, you will be able to create fully-integrated and multi-platform apps that provide your customers with ease of use, MVP development, tested services, and amazing user experience.

End-To-End IoT Solutions

Vates provides Complete System Integrations, Delivered Quickly with Lower Costs and Risks

We provide vast IoT services to help your business with greater user experience and optimum systems integration. We ensure that you maintain your stellar reputation and profitability by providing successful products without costly mistakes. Our engineers can create flexible systems that integratestate-of-the-art technologies that provide superior results.


The Vates lab environment ensures that mistakes can be detected and fixed early. We also help you avoid any costly hardware components to lower your costs. With our end-to-end project management, you will be able to go beyond just IoT development and receive full systems integration.


We are listed as the Best IoT company on The Manifest and Clutch.

IoT Solutions

Our Clients

We have worked for hundreds of well-known companies from across industries:

IoT Systems Integrator Solutions

Just experience in IoT software development is not enough to produce successful products. The right product needs to be created without costly mistakes that can affect profitability, reputation, and readiness when your product is available in the market. Our professional IoT system integrator engineers can greatly enhance your success.


Our system integrator works with flexibility in mind to create legacy systems that have end-to-end solutions embedded in the product. With the vast knowledge of the IoT landscape at your disposal, your systems will be empowered by superior decision-making and results. We can boost the agility of global businesses with our effective IoT solutions.


For an IoT project, you need access to various engineers so that all tasks can be completed with expert precision. Our team has engineers with high-level skills and experience in real-time analytics, big data, software architecture, computer vision, user experience, and a lot more. This ensures that your go-to-market delivery can be accelerated with great solutions for specific business problems.


We do more than just IoT development, offering inter-operative, complete system integration solutions. Vates will act as a partner for your company as it embarks on digital transformation projects. Our skilled development team will provide innovative solutions for everything – from small project components to full multi-platform solutions.

Unique IoT Services by Vates

  • 90% Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Variety of skill levels with dedicated IoT teams
  • Senior engineers for economical rates and best deliveries
  • IoT Systems Integrator Services
  • IoT Data Analytics Consulting
  • 7% R&D investment levels for building and maintaining momentum in innovation.
  • Full Cycle Solutions: Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to provide market-ready IoT products
  • Experience working with Fortune 500 companies and innovative entrepreneurs
  • Experience in software architecture and developing
  • Market-ready products with FDA certified devices
  • Commercial IoT products
  • Industrial IoT products


We use the best of the best and latest technologies to provide effective and efficient IoT solutions:

Vates Rapid Prototyping (VRP)

It is vital to go beyond science and take methodology into account. Vates’ immense experience in the field has led to the creation of a rapid prototyping lab that drives high customer satisfaction rates. The lowered costs and few surprises ensure happy customers.


We produce reliable results and reduce the risk of any errors that may cost you with our efficient methodology. We create and design innovative IoT solutions using the proprietary Vates Rapid Prototyping (VRP) method. The reliable process ensures extremely quick delivery since we design and deliver via the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) method to maximize feedback implementation and validate the product functionality. Clients will determine whether to proceed with further investment into the project this way. The VRP methodology allows for early detection of design flaws or invalid assumptions that may be affecting the economic, technical, and operational feasibility. We also fix them promptly.


The result is that using the VRP method in devices development can save time and money for you and ensure raving customers for the products.

IoT Industries Experience

We have successfully provided Consumer IoT services, Industrial IoT services, and Commercial IoT services to the industries below:

  • SmartHomeIoT integration and application development
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions for the automotive industry
  • Low power IoT sensor solutions for the healthcare industry
  • IoT-based predictive maintenance solutions
  • GPS IoT Asset Tracking solutions for the mining industry
  • Chronic illness IoT solutions -routine health checks are brought in-house to alleviate hospitals via IoT solutions
  • Blood pressure IoT chronic illness solutions with FDA certified devices
  • Monitoring Sensor – Bluetooth to cell phone to hospital’s cloud for access by patients’ doctors
  • IoT Worker Safety solutions for high-risk work environments
  • Adapting IoT solutions for international frequencies and other adaptability issues

Custom IoT Solutions

As entrepreneurs and companies start digital transformation projects, mass-market and off-the-shelf solutions for IoT will never be enough. Vates can create custom IoT solutions so that you can focus on marketing and value proposition.

IoT Transportation Services

We can assist transportation companies by installing sensors in loading trucks to provide detailed information about the truck’s path by measuring humidity, speed, height, road vibrations, and more.

IoT Healthcare Solutions

Safety for healthcare facilities and hospitals can be greatly enhanced by properly tracking patients and equipment. Information about where patients went, how long they stayed and left the premises can help create more efficiency in your facility.

IoT Smart HOME

Smart Homes offers comprehensive functionalities that can create better homes for clients, ranging from light switches, control locks, security cameras, and more.

IoT Manufacturing Solutions

Assets and workers in manufacturing plants can be monitored with Smart Glasses and sensors that allow management to check performance, location and give instructions in real-time from anywhere.

High-Level IoT Solutions for All Sorts of Companies and Businesses Available Now

Big Data Analysis Provide Powerful Insights for Businesses

We can help you understand your customer needs by analyzing business data to help you grow and succeed.

Big Data Consulting Services Lead to Bigger Rewards

Vates Big Data Consulting and Solutions team are managed by senior engineers who have great experience and deep insights that will help you harness the true power of the data that you are continually storing and gathering. We have invested in our Research and Development teams to ensure that we can provide you with the expertise and tools you need to navigate the fast-paced world of data mining, Big Data, AI, and machine learning fields with ease and efficiency.


We have worked with Fortune 500 companies and have the necessary experience and continual investment to build highly valuable data science solutions that will help you uncover hidden opportunities and take rapid decisions for growth.

Our Clients

We have worked for hundreds of well-known companies from across industries:

Big Data Consulting Services for Successful Projects

Our experts, Big Data consultancy teams, take advantage of different backgrounds, experiences, and technologies to deliver efficient and well-rounded data storage, streaming, structuring, and interpreting systems. Our solutions will help you create better services and products, improve the existing offerings, and make superior and faster decisions. Vates will also help you lower manufacturing and operational costs.


We provide big data project management, data consulting, and end-to-end services that utilize advanced Scrum techniques and staff augmentation. Our services include:

Structuring and Collecting Existing Data Stores

Vates uses Big Data frameworks to assemble the data sets using curated traditional data, IoT sensors, and text analysis. Our omnichannel input from emails, social media, search history, and blog content provides a thorough insight into your business.

Creating Real-Time Solutions

We use the incoming information to drive immediate responses that can then drive profitability and growth. When you have so much data at your fingertips, you can make well-rounded decisions that are perfect for the business’s future.

Architecting Solutions for Insights

Vates’ expert team provides deep insights and knowledge using hidden patterns of customer behavior, medical treatments and outcomes, industry manufacturing operations, and other data-intensive industries that are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of the information coming in.

Deriving Interpretations for Maximum Success

We interpret the data from different sources to create machine learning, using advanced artificial intelligence to understand the provided body of information. We can also drive operational and executive decisions about your business’s process improvement and product development.

The Problem? Too Much Data

There is an unimaginable amount of data generated every single day; around three quintillion bytes of data are produced daily! That’s 18 zeros, yes! However, harvesting this data has helped the acceleration and automation of business processes and IoT services and products. This is why the trend keeps on increasing, with 90% of existing data produced in just the last few years.


Shifting through this huge mountain of details, statistics, and particulars can be a monumental task. Vates’ Big Data consultants will act as your guide through this challenging task of sorting through and deriving value from structured and unstructured data sources.

The Solution? Vates

The main challenge with Big Data is overcoming the issues of sorting and processing the data to derive the most value from it. After solving such complex issues, you will be able to excel at competitive intelligence and use proper analytical tools to use Big Data to your advantage.


Vates’ Big Data consultants work with business to outline what they should invest in and the benefits they will receive. First, we complete an assessment of the sources and current storage strategies for Big Data at your firm. With focus group and stakeholder interviews, we are able to create a roadmap of upcoming and current projects to get early results. Our sophisticated Big Data solutions will be able to detect all hidden patterns and derive maximum value from the collected data streams.


You will be able to make quicker and better business decisions, identify service and product improvement needs, and build cost-effective and efficient solutions through this Big Data roadmap. All of this helps to create a stronger, more profitable, and resilient business by reducing costs and creating happier, more loyal customers for your firm.

Hire Vates for Big Data Consultancy and Solutions

Contact us now to see how Hadoop and/or cloud-based analytical tools for Big Data can help you transform your business model and help you obtain an edge in your industry.