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Vates offers you the opportunity to become a part of a skilled and expert team that enjoys solving the challenges of creating the latest generation of software products and services. If you are someone who appreciates excellence, creating innovative solutions, and tackling technological puzzles, check out the opportunities we have for you.

Welcome to The Vates Referral Program!

We have an amazing referral program at Vates where you can recommend anyone you know (friend, family, acquaintances, peers, and many others) if you think they have what it takes to be a valuable asset to our growing company. We turned our small startup into an international force with the help of all our amazing team members who are thriving in the flexible and resourceful environment we have created for them.

Remember that we value all kinds of skill levels, talent, and seniority levels since every individual can be useful. So, make sure to submit as many candidates as you can. The more people you refer, the better the chances that we will be able to find the best candidate for each position. If you have referrals that have specializations in other forms of technology or even positions that aren’t listed below, we would still encourage you to submit them! We are in a constant search for different and new profiles, so don’t hesitate!


How Does the Vates Referral Program Work?

At Vates, we are constantly seeking talented individuals who can join our extensive teams. There is no better person who can find amazing additions to the team than you, who are already working with us.


If you think you have someone, you can submit the candidate below with their contact details and resume.

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If we end up hiring the candidate you have referred, you will receive USD 1,000 if it is a man and USD 1,300 if it is a woman. ​

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The only requirement to get your reward is that candidate is not already participating in our recruiting process and continues working for Vates for 3 months after they are hired. ​

Why Is the Referral Program Important to Us?

  • Your recommendations can help us find the best candidates.
  • You will be able to help the talented people in your life.

  • The recruitment team can have a nice pool of candidates to find high-quality employees.

  • You will receive a monetary reward for your help!

Refer Someone Now!


Hire Vates for IT Staff Augmentation Services

If your IT projects seem to be lacking due to insufficient expertise and knowledge, you can always contact us to cover the skill gaps for you. We can overcome any staffing issues that you may have, giving you the benefit of becoming agile as you adapt to the changing digital world.

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