Seven IT System Loopholes That Must Be Addressed Timely


Admittedly, zero risk does not exist, and any IT system contains vulnerabilities regardless of the security measures implemented. Computer security vulnerabilities allow cybercriminals to break into your company’s information system to view or steal data, often crucial to your business. Identifying the main IT system loopholes within your company is necessary to implement an effective protection system.

As more and more businesses depend on IT systems for their everyday tasks and processes, security risks and threats are multiplying, making the IT infrastructure more complex. More skills, resources, and time are required to guarantee and protect the IT infrastructure.

In this article, we have identified the seven most common IT system loopholes that companies must address timely to protect against common threats, improve productivity, avoid costly delays, and get the most out of their IT system.

7 IT System Loopholes That You Must Address Timely‍

1. Corporate Email

Email is the primary entry point for computer threats. Malware, spyware, and ransomware are delivered via infected email attachments or links to unsafe sites. Cybercriminals exploit computer security vulnerabilities and use social engineering by harvesting logins and passwords through fake confirmation emails or by setting up scams via electronic messages.

Corporate messaging also includes a lot of critical information in the email content. Therefore, you must protect your corporate email against spam and viruses.

2. Access Management

It often happens that passwords and logins are very badly used in companies: common passwords for several users, the transmission of passwords by email, and passwords that are too simple and too little renewed.

All these elements put your business in danger. Indeed, it is much easier to break into the information system if the passwords are not strong enough.

Other computer security vulnerabilities: user access. Often, former employees of a company can still view and edit company files.

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3. Obsolete Software

The use of unsupported software or operating systems and the lack of regular updates is the most frequent IT security breaches in companies. When software is too old, its security flaws are known to everyone and are no longer corrected by publishers. Because of this, cybercriminals can easily exploit them to break into your system.

On the other hand, software updates include security patches that correct program flaws and bugs. It is important to perform them regularly to ensure the good health of your IT infrastructure.

Software updates strengthen its capacity and make it more powerful against cyber threats. An obsolete software makes your IT system extremely vulnerable to such attacks and, therefore, should be addressed timely.

4. Outdated IT Inventory

Outdated IT asset inventory is another major loophole that must be addressed timely. Many companies fail to keep track of their IT assets. And when they do it, they use outdated tools or a spreadsheet, making the information defective. This issue may have serious consequences since your staff relies on an outdated device, and you must immediately detect failures and implement an effective solution.

For example, when users using the same IT device report a problem, you must review service histories. This makes it possible to detect the origin of the incident and its solution.

Thus, suitable computer equipment and regular updates are essential to effectively protect your company’s IT system. The key lies in the uniformity of all computer equipment running on the same operating system. This way, each workstation or server will have the same security updates, preventing every gateway for hackers.

5. Teleworking and the Use of Personal Equipment

For employees who perform IT tasks while traveling or telecommuting, it is important to allow them access only to the data they need without compromising the company’s security.

Using personal email for professional purposes or the consultation of files from a private computer constitutes major vulnerabilities in computer security. Indeed, the personal equipment of your employees does not have the same degree of security as your corporate infrastructure. Cybercriminals can seize the opportunity to break into your IS or view the data exchanged.


6. Data Hosting

Where is your business data stored? How are they protected? Is it centralized? Are they accessible enough? By who? What will happen in a disaster such as a fire or water damage? Do you have secure backups? Can you quickly restore your data in case of a problem? Are your customers informed of the nature of the data stored?

Your computer data is poorly protected if you cannot answer these questions precisely. The exploitation of computer security vulnerabilities by cyber criminals aims to gain access to your corporate data. It is important to host them securely using professionals.

7. Lack of a System to Track IT System Issues

The more a company relies on technology, the more important it becomes to address IT requirements quickly. A problem occurs when a company does not have proper communication tools to address the many requests.

You can only pinpoint failures if you have a proper system to track IT issues. Otherwise, there will be increased response time and affected service quality. An email is not enough to manage the requests; you need to implement a system to address the requests immediately.

A System Integration Services Company can comprehensively audit your infrastructure to help you detect major IT security vulnerabilities. It is important not to neglect IT system vulnerabilities in companies. Indeed, an intrusion could have serious legal and economic consequences for your company.

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