Steps for Migrating to Agile Enterprise Architecture

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No, neither your company’s size nor your office space determines its success. In the early years, startups need to focus on one thing: creating an agile enterprise.

Flexibility and agility are the two golden words for startup owners who want to gain sustainable success in a short time. Staying stuck in a rut, using old-school management practices, and delaying process automation are some of the most common mistakes.

Vates strongly recommends entrepreneurs and startup executives leverage the power of agile software development and enterprise architecture to maximize revenue generation. We’re a nearshore custom software and IT consultancy services provider focused on helping our clients turn their businesses into Exponential Organizations!

Here are the steps you must take to convert your firm into an agile enterprise architecture.

Use the Scaled Agile Framework

Commonly referred to as SAFe, the scaled agile framework is the world’s leading tool for agile enterprise transformation. So your first step is to learn about it and how it works. Your firm’s migration to an agile enterprise architecture must touch all the key stakeholders and processes.

Structure, technology, people, and processes are your main assets. Note that the SAFe impacts all of them in one way or another. SAFe work equally suitable for large MNCs with years-old practices and rapidly growing SME organizations.

Implement Lean Agility

The next step is understanding, identifying, and implementing lean agility strategies. Some of Vates’ favorite techniques that can accelerate your firm’s migration are:

  • Synchronized process planning
  • Creating milestones based on current systems
  • Improving training and employee learning activities for effective change management
  • Assuming risk and knowing the possible vulnerabilities
  • Designing a systematic plan of action for navigation pre, during, and post-migration phases
  • Removing centralized decision-making and involving everyone in the process

Leverage Technology

You cannot perform smooth and successful agile enterprise architecture migration without using DevOps and process automation. The Internet of Things, Information Technology, Big Data, and custom software development tools are extremely robust and effective. They can assist you in minimizing human errors and increase your firm’s value and customer retention.

An agile enterprise custom software

And thanks to nearshore development service providers like Vates, you don’t have to spend hours finding the right company. Our team has extensive industry experience and top B2B firm recognition by Clutch UK. You can rely on us to improve, implement, and increment your firm’s migration to agile enterprise architecture.

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