The Top 6 Services That Software Development Companies Provide

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Software development develops and maintains several software components such as frameworks and applications. During the process, the software is taken from the original idea to its final manifestation in a structured and planned manner.

Software development includes specific activities such as modification, gathering requirements, prototyping, maintenance, and testing. The need to develop commercial software can be generally classified according to the client’s need or the general needs of a user base.

To fulfill general requirements, developers first identify the software’s user base. The growing demand for quality control in software development has led to the evolution of software engineering as a discipline. This guide will walk you through some of the most common services that software development companies provide.

Custom Software Development

Large businesses often develop custom software to bridge the gaps between their existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. The software includes customer management, human resource management, inventory management, and content management applications.

In most cases, an organization’s custom software develops before the COTS software is available to perform the required functions. Moreover, custom software is more expensive as development costs can’t be distributed over multiple applications. Custom software ensures that the customer owns the source code for code modification to fulfill future requirements.    

Web Application Development

Web application development creates application programs existing on remote servers. These programs are delivered to the user’s device via the internet. You don’t need to download a web app as it’s easily accessible through a network. The end users can access the web application through web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

Web application development generally has a short development life-cycle monitored by a small development team. To perform front-end development for web applications, client-side programming is used. The client is a computer application, for example, a web browser.

Client-side programming utilizes JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. HTML programming instructs the browser how on-screen content of webpages should be displayed, while CSS ensures the displayed information is in a valid format. Moreover, JavaScript runs JavaScript code on a web page while ensuring some content stays interactive. 

Mobile application development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development creates software for digital assistants and smartphones. Users can access the software on their device through a mobile web browser or download it from a mobile app store. The programming languages used for such software include HTML5, C#, Java, and Swift.

Today, mobile devices and applications provide the most convenient way for companies to connect to the internet. To stay responsive, businesses need to develop mobile applications that their employees, partners, and customers demand.

IT Consulting

IT consulting services help clients evaluate different technology strategies and align them with your business. These services provide strategic, operational, and architectural planning to support customers’ IT initiatives. Strategic planning involves advisory services that allow clients to gauge their IT needs before formulating implementation plans.

Moreover, architectural planning involves advisory services, combining knowledge and strategic plans of emerging technologies to develop the system’s local design and support infrastructure. Operational assessment features services assessing the functioning efficiency and the capacity of the client’s IT setting.


Software Prototyping

The process of software prototyping creates incomplete versions of an application for its progressive improvement. It’s somewhat similar to the prototyping generally performed in mechanical and manufacturing fields. Typically, a software prototype only executes a few of the required features. IT can also be significantly different from the final product. 

The benefit of prototyping is that developers obtain regular user feedback early in the project. Both users and developers can easily determine how well the prototype fits the software specifications used to build a prototype. Moreover, project managers can ensure that their initial milestones and deadlines are realistic.

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Platform Selection

Selecting a development platform is a critical consideration when it comes to mobile app development. The most important factors associated with it include the current skills of the developer and the existing infrastructure. Most importantly, developers must focus on user expectations that can differ considerably according to their platform.

The performance of a mobile app is a more important consideration in platform selection compared to desktop applications. This can be determined by the strong correlation between user satisfaction and mobile app performance.

Developers choose between native development that requires designing the application for one platform and cross-platform development in which the app runs on different platforms. The currently available technology and performance are the most crucial factors associated with this choice.

Mobile platform developers help developers select between cross-platform and native development by publishing guidelines and benchmarks.

Coding in software development

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