What is Agile Software Development, and Why Do You Need It?

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Back in the 2000s, all the software development companies worldwide were endlessly following the Waterfall methodology for development. At the time, 17 leading software developers met and sat down to discuss ideas that changed the course of software development in the U.S. and abroad.

The term ‘Agile Development’ has now become one of the most popular software development practices globally.

As the software development services amp up to generate close to $600 billion this year, the software development industry has fully adopted the agile approach.

So whether you are an entrepreneur, running a small-scale software house, or on the lookout for a software development company such as Vates. Read this blog to learn why agile software development is good for you.

But first, let’s tell you everything you need to know about agile methodology.

What is Agile Software Development?

Agile software development is a two-decade-old software development methodology. Before this approach was designed, software development services only knew of the traditional Waterfall method for development.

As opposed to the Waterfall model, which works in a linear approach, agile methodology distributes the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) into small, achievable sprints. This means that teams working in agile software development companies don’t look at two-year-long timelines. Instead, they have two-four weeks long sprints at the end of which these teams are expected to deliver a working product.

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The Agile Manifesto and Its Core Values

As discussed above, agile methodology came into existence when 17 leading software developers sat down and discussed the cons of Waterfall. At the end of this famous talk, the software industry had an Agile Manifesto that discusses the four values of agile software development.

People Over Tools and Processes

Agile methodology’s first and most important highlight is that people always come before processes and tools. This is because people are the driving force behind a successful software development project and should be given a nurturing environment to produce a quality product.

Collaboration Not Contracts

Next was the importance of collaboration on projects instead of just fulfilling contracts. This means that each member of an agile software development cycle must come together to discuss the project before, during, and after completion. Long-term partnerships should be encouraged.

Performance Outweighs Documentation

Previously, software development firms spent much time documenting the development process. This slowed down the process and burdened the teams with non-productive work. Although documentation is a part of software development even today, agile methodology believes that performance should be the core focus.

Change is Crucial for Success

Due to the linear structure of the Waterfall methodology, developers and stakeholders avoided making changes due to cost and time consumption. Agile software development companies like Vates, however, believe that change (even last minute) is essential to deliver a better quality product.

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Types of Agile Methodologies

Here are some types of agile software development methodologies. Each methodology has a different framework and team structure to materialize the project.

  1. Scrum
  2. Kanban
  3. Extreme Programming
  4. Lean Development
  5. Feature-Driven Development
  6. Crystal

Nine Features of Agile Methodology

Whether you are working on a software development project in-house or hiring a software outsourcing company, here are the features of agile methodology that will tempt you to opt for it.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the biggest benefit and feature of agile methodology. Businesses that adopt the agile software development approach have one purpose: improving customer experiences and retaining clients.

Faster Delivery

Contrary to popular belief that phase-wise distribution of the SDLC slows down the process. Agile software development ensures faster delivery of a superior-quality project. This is because teams have a short-term goals to achieve quickly, and they do so without hassle.


The teams are self-organized and motivated when working on an agile software development project. This reduces the micromanagement burden on executives, who can offer feedback to improve product quality.

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Sustainable, Long-Term Processes

Agile software development is not a one-time job. Instead, the processes software development services such as Vates have in place for agile development are long-term and sustainable. This allows businesses to opt for cost-effective, streamlined, and smart solutions for a long time to come.

Consistency Before Deadlines

Instead of chasing deadlines and delivering mediocre work, Agile focuses on consistent performance. By allowing software development teams to work on shorter sprints with achievable goals, the agile methodology helps teams remain consistent in their quality and speed.

Constant Improvement and Adjustment

Almost all agile software development methodologies incorporate feedback and constant monitoring. This helps software development teams and development companies improve themselves and adjust practices where needed. As a result, we have a more efficient and optimized working environment.

Encourage Change for Quality

The agile methodology encourages changes even at the last minute. This is because agile software development companies prefer quality over everything else. By making changes and software testing at every stage, the result is a product that stands out.

Quantify Performance and Success

Instead of counting the number of hours worked or the time spent on a software development project, agile methodology asks for deliverables. This makes it easier for stakeholders, executives, project managers, and teams to quantify the success of a project based on performance and deliver results in each sprint.

Seek Competitive Advantage

Agile methodology and software development firms like Vates that follow this approach have a competitive advantage in the industry. This is because agile methodology helps businesses speed up the development phase, churn out better quality, and retain more happy teams. All this adds up and becomes a competitive advantage against the competition.

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Five Steps of Agile Development

Here are the steps of agile software development that international software companies follow.


The first step is the concept, where a project’s scope is discussed, feasibility is gauged, and clients are briefed.


At this stage, teams and funds are allotted. Timelines are defined, and phase-wise distribution of goals is established.


This is the step where a two to four-week-long sprint is commenced, and the project is initiated. At the end of multiple sprints, the software development company moves to the next step.


Once iteration phases are completed, the software development project is completed and released. This time, the stakeholder and clients are offered a comprehensive viewing of the product.


For quality assurance, maintenance, and post-production updates, the last step of agile methodology is implemented. This is an ongoing phase that only ends upon the retirement of a software solution.

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Why Do You Need Agile Development?

But why does your enterprise need to hire an agile software development company such as Vates? Here are some reasons to do so.

Streamlined Development

Agile methodology streamlines the development process from end to end. Whether running an in-house development team or hiring services of Vates, streamlined processes offer great peace of mind.

Motivated Teams

Agile software development works well for teams, allowing them to thrive and achieve goals quickly. This results in a motivated team that’s happy to get the job done without delays and frustration.

Faster Marketing

Agile methodology speeds up the development process, thus allowing businesses to market their new offerings quickly. This is particularly ideal for highly-competitive industries that are at a fast technological adoption pace.

Better Quality

Constant feedback, software testing and quality assurance services of Vates, and the overall agile method improve the quality of the product exponentially.

Quick Deployment

It’s easier and quicker to deploy a product built with agile methodology. This is because the teams have thoroughly managed each detail that otherwise hinders the deployment process.

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Cohesive Functionality

A software solution developed with agile software development practices is cohesive and fully functional. The loopholes, bugs, and human errors are largely prevented due to micromanagement and continuous updates based on feedback.

Robust Infrastructures

Eventually, organizations that invest in agile software development have robust infrastructures in place. This is because each of the software solutions that your firm has deployed is made with precision, customized according to your needs, and has an expert team at the backend.

Hire an Agile Software Development Company Today

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