What is an Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway: Functions and Types

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Who doesn’t want to stay connected to their friends, families, and colleagues?

Who doesn’t want to maximize data transfer speed when Whatsapping their loved ones?

Who doesn’t want to enjoy high-quality networking and bandwidth for a seamless online experience?

There’s only one answer to these no-brainer questions: No one!

Creating a system of shared devices, networks, and people that can interrelate, communicate, and interact with each other is not a dream anymore. The Internet of Things has definitely made it possible for us to enjoy a next-level wireless connection. With so many recent developments, the IoT has become one of the most prestigious and lucrative business growth tools.

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You must wonder about the IoT’s ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously. And how it makes data sharing as smooth as cream cheese? We’re here to lay down the basics for you, starting with IoT gateways.

A Real-Life IoT Gateway Example

IoT is a relatively harder concept to digest, especially if you’re a rookie to modern technologies. That’s why Vates is here with a real-life example to help you understand IoT gateways:


The figure above illustrates how local devices such as a car, mobile phone, or laptop are connected to an IoT gateway. The data shared between the two is directed to the cloud for one-step centralization.

So let’s dig deeper and learn all about IoT gateways, their function, and their role in boosting digitalization worldwide!

A Quick Overview of Internet of Things’ Importance for Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses often find themselves neck-deep in protocols, regulations, data protection laws, and connection problems. They’re too new to handle complex regulations and penalty-leading codes. That’s where IoT can be their BFF!

Codes for creating data gateways

If you’re a budding entrepreneur or a startup executive who’s unable to figure out the best way to automate their firm’s functions, IoT is your call! Vates cannot emphasize IoT’s importance enough. From Google to Amazon, every successful organization in this world is fully active in maximizing its IoT adoption. But why?

To mitigate and eliminate technology barriers and create a legacy inter and intra-organizational networking system.

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Yes, it might sound a bit complex at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see why we say IoT is the next best thing to invest in!

IoT Gateways

Gateways are what create IoT. Without solid and smooth-functioning gateways, you cannot exploit IoT’s benefits to the max. IoT gateways are an essential computerized component responsible for creating edge computing scenarios. Unlike traditional data transferring technologies, IoT gateways don’t rely on a central server holding all the data.

Instead, you can use an IoT gateway for real-time data processing enabling higher data protection, code compliance, and speediness. IoT gateways are created among your local device, its LAN or WAN connection, and the internet source.

A digital networking device

An IoT gateway is ideal for establishing device-to-device and cloud-base to device connections. And the best part is an IoT gateway is a hardware device that enhances your overall control over data sharing access and timings.

One of the most classic IoT gateway examples includes your internet router. Observe how it not only allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi tech but also maintains data privacy and basic admin functions.

The Main Purpose of an IoT Gateway

Understanding the IoT gateway concept is not a difficult task due to its closeness to our daily lives. We basically use one form of an IoT gateway every day! However, as a business manager or someone who’s planning to invest in IoT services, you need to learn more about IoT gateways.

A person holding his smartphone up

According to the Vates team, businesses fail to carry out our streamlined IoT projects due to their poor know-how of the related concepts. They fail to recognize the true potential of an IoT connection, ultimately leading to declined performance and profits. Vates can help you set up cutting-edge and long-lasting smartphone apps and software modules for maximizing customer retention and satisfaction. Our IT consultancy experts know about all the different types of digital tools, business apps, and integration networks to streamline a tech project.

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In this section, we’ve highlighted everything your IoT gateway can do for you. These benefits are totally digital and extremely lucrative and effective for business place automation.

IoT gateways are extremely versatile. Just take a look at all they can accomplish:

  • Facilitating and maintaining legacy internet connections among digital devices.
  • Checking network security and eliminating possible vulnerabilities.
  • Buffering and streaming networking apps and websites.
  • Assembling, storing, and categorizing data for future use.
  • Filtering and optimizing safe search options for securer browsing.
  • Hosting network platforms using stored data analytics.
  • Optimizing health, speed, and efficiency of M2M device connections.
  • Using data visualization technology to eliminate security threats.
  • Configuring new devices with the old ones.
  • Running regular threat checks and system management protocols.

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A software developer with advanced equipment

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IoT Benefits for Organizations

Vates believes that IoT offers innumerable advantages to an organization. Not only it can offer you a unique competitive advantage but also boost its internal functions’ security. Here’s why you must consider availing our IT consultancy and IoT services:

  • Improve end-to-end scalability using IoT’s strength to vet and connect multiple networks and devices
  • Implement a cloud system for a centralized data storage
  • Fast-track MVP production, assembly line function, and market launch to become a cut-above-the-rest
  • Increase WAN traffic without exposing local servers and data to threats and cyber-attacks
  • Isolate or remove poor performance devices as they can hamper your production line or IT system’s functionality

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Why is the Internet of Things the Future?

It’s not very difficult to gauge what the future has in store for businesses. From high-speed networks to virtually-adaptive practices, startup owners are in for a roller-coaster ride! But to enjoy the up-and-coming technologies, you must understand and implement IoT today.

Let’s take a look at some astonishing figures that reinforce IoT’s futuristic qualities:

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