What is Digital Transformation, and Why Do You Need it?

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It’s no secret that technology is impacting every large-scale and small-scale business. Businesses are trying to automate as many functions as possible through different innovative methods. Exponential organizations that have changed their culture, products, and operations are interesting examples of companies using technologies and new methods. While different companies have varying names for their methods, many technologies and business experts name the process ‘digital transformation.’

Vates is a system integration company that helps businesses kick start their digital transformation journey. The company offers custom software development services that help businesses automate their tasks and processes. Moreover, their IoT and big data services use IoT sensors, machine learning algorithms, and more to help companies be more innovative and become digital. Vates also offers IT support and maintenance services, helping companies manage their digital transformation.

Do you want to transform your business digitally? Here’s your guide to digital transformation and its importance.

What is Digital Transformation?

As the name suggests, digital transformation entails integrating innovative technology in every business area. Most companies use digital transformation to change their products, operations, and customer service. Moreover, digital transformation also pushes businesses to experiment with new ideas, give their employees more autonomy, and be more comfortable with the idea of failing or making mistakes. Digital transformation also encourages businesses to walk away from traditional business processes and instead switch to new methodologies that are still being defined.

However, digital transformation is different for every business. Therefore, no single-statement definition of digital transformation applies to every company. Some companies can conclude digital transformation as enhancing a process through new software or uploading their data to the cloud. In contrast, other businesses can improve their customer service by interacting with their customers using social media platforms. Therefore, companies should know what digital transformation means to them and how they can reach the final goal regarding digital transformation.

How to Start Your Company’s Digital Transformation?

Once businesses know what digital transformation is, the next step is to start transforming their company digitally. For this, a company must set a clear problem statement, an opportunity, or an aspirational goal. These are all driving factors that show how a company needs to chuck outdated methods out of the windows and start the journey toward digital transformation. Answering ‘why should my company digitally transform’ is essential before you start looking for appropriate methods to transform.

Here are some reasons why your company needs digital transformation.

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For Improved Data Collection

It’s no secret that business experts push companies to make data-driven decisions to improve their operations and products. Therefore, companies acquire a large amount of data daily. While collecting data is essential to make data-driven decisions later, it’s also important to distinguish between needed data and information that’s just taking up valuable space in your cloud servers.

But how can you decide which data is useful? The answer lies in digital transformation practices. Digital transformation allows businesses to collect the right data, apply data cleaning and filtering techniques, and analyze the final data to make data-driven changes.

Through digital transformation, different organizational departments can use various tools and resources to transform raw data into business insights that can change a business’s operations. Moreover, once companies have a data collection and analyzing system, they can get a single metrics view of their operations, products, customers, finances, sales, market trends, employees, and future business opportunities.

Through digital transformations, businesses can evaluate how their employees collect, store, analyze, and share data with other team members.

Once the evaluation is done, they can get a new tech stack or integrate their existing one to perform data analytics more efficiently. Vates is a big data consulting firm, and their experienced big data scientists and analysts help businesses gather information through useful resources. Moreover, their big data consulting services guide businesses about what they should do with the data and how they can use it to improve their services.

For Enhanced Resource Management

Does your company struggle with resource management? Storing their data in dozens of applications can be a massive concern for many businesses. It’s incredibly challenging to go through all the applications, excel sheets, and other storage options to find where you have stored a specific file. Moreover, storing data and files like these can result in a high chance of a file getting lost, overwritten, or duplicated files taking up more storage.

On the other hand, digital transformation allows your company to manage its resources more efficiently. Through digital transformation, you can integrate all your databases, applications, and software into a central management system. You can store all of your files in that central management system and even sub-categorize them for easy access. From sales to finance and human resources, every department can benefit from better resource management using digital transformation.

Vates is a system integration company that can integrate all your systems and databases. Their system integration services can integrate your existing system and even develop new systems to store and manage your resources.

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For Better Cybersecurity

Do you know that around 80 percent of companies agreed that their systems were vulnerable to cyberattacks? Moreover, large-scale companies like Toyota and Nvidia also faced cyberattacks in the first half of 2022. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that companies should upgrade their cybersecurity game from time to time. One of the best ways for companies to be more digitally secure is to start their digital transformation journey. Through digital transformation, businesses can store their data on the cloud, making it difficult for cybercriminals to access their private data.

Moreover, digital transformation encourages companies to build protective firewalls for their applications, making it more challenging for cybercriminals to break into a system. Through digital transformation, companies can also train their employees about protective methods they can use to avoid phishing emails.

Moreover, companies can install high-quality anti-malware applications on their devices to avoid getting infected by viruses. No matter what step you take to enhance your company’s cybersecurity, it will bring you a step closer to digital transformation.

For Better Customer Experience

Digital transformation has multiple benefits for your company, but that’s not all! One of the most significant benefits of digital transformation is that it helps businesses improve their customer service. Through digital transformation, companies can think of innovative ideas and add customer-centric product features. Moreover, companies can make applications with a better UI/UX that customers prefer. Digital transformation also enables companies to use different online platforms like social media sites and company websites to interact with customers regularly.

Moreover, businesses can even automate their company-customer interactions, ensuring a better experience for customers. Companies can also use digital transformation to collect data from customers and use it to enhance customer service. For instance, companies can collect cookies to find how customers interact with their websites and use that information to create a more interactive user interface.

An agile software development company like Vates can help companies create more engaging and user-friendly websites, which improves customer service and experience. Moreover, Vates can also add customer-centric features and functions to the websites of different companies.

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For Increased Profits

Digital transformation can improve a company’s operations and products; therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that it can significantly increase its profits. According to a report by Oxford Economics, around 80% of companies that experienced digital transformation reported increased sales and profits. Moreover, around 85% of companies reported their market share increased after digital transformation. In addition, 23% of companies experienced higher revenue growth than their competitors, who didn’t undergo digital transformation.

Digital transformation also pushes companies to be market leaders. Companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, Tesla, and Airbnb that digitally transform their operations and develop digital solutions to real-life problems are internationally recognized. These companies have made data-driven decisions and automated most of their processes.

For a More Productive Work Environment

Digital transformation also allows companies to build a more productive work environment. In digital transformation, companies streamline their operations automate repetitive and boring tasks, allowing their employees to do a huge amount of work in a short time. Moreover, companies can improve the efficiency and accuracy of different tasks by automating them instead of hiring manual labor for every operation.

Digital transformation also pushes companies to give more autonomy to their employees, which results in more creative ideas from them. Moreover, employees have the freedom to manage different situations, which increases work productivity.


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Want to Experience Digital Transformation? Hire Vates!

Digital transformation can ensure a better cybersecurity system, happy customers, and increased sales and profits. At Vates, we offer big data consulting services that help businesses gather, analyze, and store big data and use it to make data-driven decisions to improve their products and services. Moreover, we offer custom software development services that create applications and websites with a better user interface to improve customer experience.

Our agile software development services also create custom applications to automate different manual tasks and improve resource storage and management. In addition, our IoT consulting services allow businesses to use internet of Things in their products, making them more innovative for customers.

Reach out to us and start your digital transformation journey with our system integration company.









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