What is IT Staff Augmentation, and When Should You Consider It?

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When it comes to businesses and startups, achieving high optimization with the most affordable solutions to bring your product to market is immensely important. In today’s complex economic environment and fast-changing technological landscape, industries require the most advanced IT solutions and software engineering to thrive.

Business owners have to face numerous challenges and need tailored technology solutions to keep their company afloat no matter how great the demands become. Some of the growing trends in the IT industry that several business owners gravitate toward are the cloud, big data management, machine learning, blockchain, and AI. But due to the lack of talented resources, many organizations are hesitant to experiment with new technologies.

This is why IT staff augmentation can transform everything. At Vates, we provide the most reliable IT staff augmentation services to optimize your workflow and streamline your business processes. We have a highly-qualified team of software developers and are committed to going above and beyond for our clients to provide them with advanced IT solutions.

With our IT infrastructure specialists and in-depth knowledge of software development, your organization will receive the most cutting-edge technological solutions for maximum workflow efficacy.

Let’s have a look at how IT staff augmentation can be a beneficial option for your organization.

What Is IT Staff Augmentation?

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IT staff augmentation is the concept of temporarily hiring skilled resources for a short-term project by partnering with an outside staff augmentation firm. The staff augmentation company will recruit the employees and monitor the lengthy hiring process, then embed the skilled employee in an IT team.

IT staff augmentation is a relatively new practice that enables organizations to recruit experienced and talented individuals. IT enterprises often rely on staff augmentation to streamline processes whenever the internal resources are restrained. This practice accelerates delivery within organizations, and short-term projects can get done much faster when there is a shared understanding of the goals and values. This also allows businesses to access a pool of affordable resources in a more time-efficient manner.

IT staff augmentation is different than outsourcing or getting managed services through a third-party vendor. Let’s take a comprehensive look at these practices to understand the difference.

How Is IT Staff Augmentation Different Than Outsourcing and Managed Services?

Many industry giants turn towards staff augmentation to generate higher revenue and optimize their tasks. Here is how IT staff augmentation is different than outsourcing and getting managed services.


Outsourcing is when your IT firm outsources a project to a software outsourcing company. One of the primary reasons why companies and businesses outsource their software development needs is so they can access a team of skilled developers and programmers. Outsourcing software development companies typically have an in-house team of dedicated software developers and provide a myriad of tools and equipment to complete your project.

With an outsourcing software development service, you get plenty of benefits like receiving maximized project security, reduced operational costs, getting access to a globally superior talent pool, etc. But outsourcing also has its challenges.

First of all, it’s remote, and there can be several cultural and communication barriers that are hard to overcome. Offshore outsourcing teams are also very process-oriented, and you will need to invest time in training them before you start to see results.

Managed Services

Managed services are the process of hiring a third-party specialized technology company to manage all of its software development. The hired team will work with the organization to define the roadmap of product development and manage delivery.

A managed services team will implement and integrate different teams to generate a highly sustainable and valuable outcome with successive software development cycles. With each cycle, the managed services team will evaluate the processes and evolve their practices to achieve better workflow productivity.

Managed services are a wonderful way for organizations to improve their processes and get higher organizational values. But selecting a reliable vendor, aligning your goals with the managed services providers, and relying on them to execute their responsibilities can be difficult.

Why Should You Choose IT Staff Augmentation?

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Staff augmentation, outsourcing, and hiring managed services are three completely different concepts. With IT staff augmentation, organizations are injecting new skilled professionals into their firms that can help carry out internal challenges with project delivery. These professionals are trained and certified but not legally a part of the organization’s administration.

These specialists have special knowledge about the complexities of IT, machine learning, and AI and work to significantly contribute to the company’s goals.

At Vates, our experienced team of software testers and developers are experts in providing customized solutions by analyzing a company’s IT infrastructure. Our team of qualified IT specialists will reassess the industry’s most successful practices and reinvigorate the company’s workforce by implementing them. You can hire us for IT staff augmentation and big data consulting to instantly achieve your corporate goals and operational efficacy.

Here are all the reasons why you should consider IT staff augmentation.

Saves Time and Money

Every company aims to stay organized and get fast technical support without breaking the bank. But this is difficult when you want to yield quick results without investing time and money to train your staff.

With IT staff augmentation, you have a team of extremely skilled professionals with proper credentials that will keep your workflow organized without any technological issues. You will receive a competent and trained staff to transform your company’s IT infrastructure and scale your business sustainably.

Flexible Scalability

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With IT staff augmentation, companies finally have the chance to scale their team sizes quickly.

When you have IT professionals who are willing to understand the specific needs and requirements of your company, you don’t have to think about adding or removing a team member. Any organization that has a high level of variance when it comes to IT needs can benefit from having a choice for staffing fluidly.

The IT staff will evaluate the project you’ve initiated and decide the quantity of labor you require and whether you need to hire more IT technicians through staff augmentation.

Prevents Risks

Protecting your company and projects from any lurking risks is one of the most important things to consider in a business. But when a company hires additional personnel through staff augmentation, these specialists will deal with any problems with cybersecurity efficiently.

IT specialists at Vates have decades of experience when it comes to testing software systems and securing them with extra security measures. We make sure we are always proficient in addressing any issues with coding, software testing, and any other design flaws.

No Additional Expenditures On IT Infrastructure

One of the benefits of getting additional IT personnel on board is saving money on IT infrastructure. You will receive full-fledged software and IT solutions because they have access to all the tools they require. Their team will not have any additional requirements from your firm since they will be provided for by their management firm. You will receive well-rounded and finished solutions without the encumbrance of spending any extra costs on IT infrastructure.

Improved Productivity

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Hiring more professionals in your company boosts the company’s productivity with lesser development costs. This will require no legal responsibilities, paperwork, or taxes and you will have a team of full-time developers to finish a project efficiently.

When Should You Consider IT Staff Augmentation?

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Staff augmentation is the perfect choice to make when you’re beginning a new project that requires advanced IT solutions. The additional IT personnel you hire will work on specific projects that you plan, design, and outline for them.

IT staff augmentation is also a safe choice to make when you’re low on resources and still want to meet the business objectives. This practice of hiring remote teams to deliver a quality product at competitive prices will help you access a vast talent pool while eliminating any liabilities.

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